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Moth to a Flame by Ashley Antoinette
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May 22, 2010

really liked it
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** spoiler alert ** I finally read a book that was just Ashely I have The Prada Plan haven't read it just yet. But, overall I liked this book. Ashely did good.

Raven was a spoiled brat. Her father Benny was a will known kingpin and wanted his girls to have everything. But, Raven wanted to be with this boy name Mizan that had other plans when it came to Raven.

Mizan wanted to use Raven to get in the game after he found out that Raven is the daughter of Benny. He started working a plan to get under Raven skin since to the poin Raven turn on her family and left to be with Mizan because her father said, either Mizan or your family and she choice Mizan.

She had a little crush with Ethic that was working for her father well working around her father but, Ethic didn't want anything to do with her because of her ways.

Mizan had so much control over Raven that things happened due to Mizan and he was able to take over Benny spot. Raven left with Mizan abusing her on a day to day bases causing her to have miscarries due to him.

Raven decided to finally run when Ethic helped her and she was starting over until Mizan found out where she was and brought her back and treating her like a dog. Her and Ethic had something special that happened and he wanted to be with Raven and she wanted to be with him. To save Ethic lift from Mizan's hands she had to lie to Ethic.

I liked the book Ethic was a sweetheart. :) great book.

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Reading Progress

05/16/2010 page 30
10.42% "Just started"
05/17/2010 page 51
17.71% "Raven mom Justine was thinking back to when she meet R's dad Benny. R got in trouble for coming home late and R meet Mizan"
05/18/2010 page 72
25.0% "Mizan set up for his boys to rob Ben but that backfired. Ben said, she can't see Mizan anymore but she sneak out to see him anyway"
05/19/2010 page 92
31.94% "Raven left the house choosing Mizan over her family and not stopping seeing Mizan like her father told her to so she left. Ethic try talking to Raven to explain that Mizan is playing her but, she don't want to hear it."
05/20/2010 page 121
42.01% "Raven found out that she is pregnant. Mizan has something up his sleeve to get Raven to get closer to him so he can get control of Benny and his money. Mizan set it up for hiim and his friend Rich to scare Raven and her friend Nikki but, something else happen and now Nikki was shoot."
05/21/2010 page 148
51.39% "Raven decided to make up with her dad but, only to help Mizan get in to rob her dad's Benny safe. After robbing polices shot Benny and he was killed. Mizan been putting his hands on Raven and now Raven mom's know and know that Raven is pregnant."
05/21/2010 page 172
59.72% "Mizan blow up the limo that Ethic was in. Raven's mom was locked up because she wasn't telling who Benny's contacts was. Raven has her sister Morgan with her and didn't want to go back to Mizan but, had no choice. Mizan put on a bit act as if he didn't want to be with Raven blaming Raven for him hitting her and not wanting to be with him."
05/22/2010 page 198
68.75% "Mizan keeping Raven away from talking or seeing her mom while she is in jail. Raven have to sneak off to go see her mom 1st time in 5 yrs. Raven friend Nikki is doing ok. Nikki know that Rich was the one that shot her. When Rich was trying to get at Nik, Nik remember his voice and knew he was the one. Nik told Raven that she know that Mizan had something to do with that night also. Raven know it to so she left."
05/22/2010 page 220
76.39% "Raven mom killed herself while locked up in jail. Ethic is back and got Raven and Morgan away. Ethic told Raven the role Mizan played in when it came to her family and how Raven was being used. Raven set it up at a dinner calling the police to say a drug deal is going down so she could get away from Mizan so she could make the plane with Ethic and Morgan. She made it just in time."
05/22/2010 page 247
85.76% "Ethic got Raven and Morgan a place to stay. Ethic is falling for Raven but, fighting it. Raven glad to be on her own. She gets a call from Mizan and he goes off on her on the phone. Raven gets a backbone and goes back off on him. Mizan asked Rich to find Raven and to help him get out of jail by calling his lawyer."
05/22/2010 page 260
90.28% "Raven and Ethic finally had sex. Raven decided to go to school and get on her 2 feets. Boy Jacob at her school showed her a bag of cocaine and Raven went for it. Mizan is out of jail got out from telling on everyone. He found out though a call that Raven is in the hospital due to a car accident. Ethic broke up with Dolce because he has feels for Raven plus Raven pregnant by him"

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