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Jesus, Interrupted by Bart D. Ehrman
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Oct 15, 09

Like many people, I had a vague picture of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John keeping journals of their everyday lives with Jesus and stapling them together to send them in to Random House for publication. Well, duh! Do you know who wrote the Bible? As it turns out, every seminary student learns in his first year of college that the 1st 4 books of the New Testament weren't written by MML&J at all, at least not the disciples, (though they could have been coincidentally 4 men with the same names.) And that's just the beginning of everything-you-wanted-to-know-about-the Bible, but never thought to ask.

The new testament wasn't written at the time of Jesus or during the disciples lives, but long afterwards by a variety of anonymous sources and the portions which came to us as the New Testament were just a few of many of the books written. So much for "eye witnesses" to the resurrection. It's sort of like that old game of telephone where people repeat a story until it has no similarity to the original version. Because even the 1st 4 books of the New Testament have significant contradictions. Having read this book, I really came to wonder why we have been treating the Bible as the sacred word of God for all these years, to the extent that people actually place their hand on the Bible as a symbol of their own honesty and sincerity. Christianity was not created by Christ, a Jew, but rather by Gentiles, who picked and chose over time which ideas would best promote their church.

This is not a quick read and I did get annoyed at the author for his pedantic style, as he frequently wrote liked he was actually lecturing, so I wondered if the book was taken from his already prepared online classes. Still, it's a tremendously informative book and he is well balanced, fair, and pretty brilliant. He never takes the low road of sarcasm or finger-pointing, though it must have been tempting at times. This book should be read by anyone who ever reads the Bible.
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Kenny Bell PLEASE READ* Does Bart Erhman provide the resources or evidence to where he claims "We don't have the original bible" and "we dont know who wrote the bible"? He just says this thing without pointing readers where to look this up. And it was also weird to me that if we dont have the original bible then what did they use to translate to English?

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