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Forever by Maggie Stiefvater
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Jul 14, 2011

really liked it
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This series has been one long roller-coaster of pure emotional agony from the very first book till it hits the very last page in the third and final installment in, Forever.
We have shared epic love, sorrow and an adventure with these characters that I have never had the pleasure to do with other books. The writing is truly like a piece of art work. I'm sad to see this gorgeous series go and while I had my moments, both the good and the bad, these books will always be treasured in my heart.

I swear, there is nothing like reading a Maggie Stiefvater book. Her whimsical words are like magic to a drowning person, desperate to finally get what we've been craving for nearly a year.
Maggie's writing is pure art, pure poetry and I'll never get tired of it.

I love these characters, but I think Cole should take a bow in this book. I actually got to liking him much more in this round, he's still erratic and a bit of a punk, but I admired his dedication and strength and when honest, is truly something to witness. Isabel will always be a character that I will enjoy, I love her stubbornness and fire. I wish we had more scenes between Sam and Grace in the beginning. The wait was truly painful. But what moments we did get were well worth the wait.
I don't have to much to say about Grace's parents, except that they got more then they deserved in my opinion. As for Beck? <3!!!!!!
Sam and Grace is a couple that will always be unforgettable in my eyes and heart. They have such a passion and such a love that people only dream about. I have never wanted so much for one couple before and never knew one that deserved it as much as these two.

Reading this book was slow exhausting torture, but in the sweetest way possible. My stomach was in knots wanting so desperately for it to turn out with a HEA, almost needing it to the point of physical pain.
I kid you not.
Ever page was laced with a teasing tone of uncertainty which made the experience that much thicker, richer and earned an appreciation I didn't think could exist even more then what I already feel for it.

As for the ending, well, I feel that I should be truthful. Was I satisfied? Yes and...no. I'm content, lets put it that way, but I feel that the biggest question still lingered and I hate that I'll forever be thinking about it every time I visit this world again. It ended on the tone that pretty much described the entire series. With mystery and suspense and above all, hope. So if your looking for an ending with absolute closure, you wont find it here my friends. I wish there was a few more pages or a few last final lines that would make it all okay. But there wasn't and apart of me is very sad about that.
So...I'm just going to have to hold on to what Cole wisely said;

"The thing I was beginning to figure out about Sam and Grace, the thing about Sam not being able to function without her, was that that sort of love only worked when you were sure both people would always be around for each other. If one half of the equation left, or died, or was slightly less perfect in their love, it became the most tragic, pathetic story invented, laughable in it's absurdity. Without Grace, Sam was a joke without a punch line."

...and so with that, I believe Grace and Sam do get their happily ever after...cause it would be wrong to imagine anything less.

They will be missed.

Congrats to Maggie on the success of her The Wolves of Mercy Falls series. I will never forget them and look forward to your next new adventure.

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message 1: by Lora (new) - added it

Lora *averts eyes*

Maria Awesome Review:)

~Tina~ Sorry Lora:(

Thanks Maria!:)

message 4: by Sel (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sel O Moreno great review!!!! i completely agree about the ending and i feel the same way, i wont ever forget this series!!

~Tina~ Thanks Sel:) I'll miss this, but I'm ready to finally let them go:)

message 6: by Linda (new) - added it

Linda Oh.. I ordered it a few days ago so I haven't read it yet, but I'm not liking the not-being-satisfied part. Ugh. I thought we would find everything out in this one. I don't want to guess and make up my own ending..
I so want a HEA, I really, really do.

But I loved your review, though! ;-)
I love reading your reviews and have actually found a lot of great books because of them!
So thanks for that! =)

~Tina~ Aww thanks for that:) We do get some closure, it's not a bad ending really, it's just we don't get (view spoiler) which is hard when you need it so badly,
I hope you enjoy this one though. It was a great ride while it lasted:)

Eleanor Awesome review Tina!! I just finshed Forever and totally agree! I love love love this series! :)

message 9: by Nic (new) - added it

Nic Beautiful review Twinie! I really like Cole as a character too. And the ending is making me worried.

~Tina~ Thanks Eleanor! This was truly bittersweet ~sigh~

Thanks Twinie! I wouldn't worry to much, your a lot like me and I think you will be just as content but still want that extra bit. Cole was awesome in this book. Really loved his humor, wit and overall character:)

message 11: by Amber (new) - added it

Amber beautifully put Teeny!! Great review!!

~Tina~ Thanks hun!

Laura Amazing review and I agree wholheartedly. I do think the ending is intended to make us remember the world of "opposites," the two seem to live in, as Sam described by his poetry. When one is in one form, the other is in another, but sometimes they are lucky to be the same. <3

~Tina~ Well said ^^ I'll always treasure this series. The good and the bad;)

Arlene Well, I guess that quote gives us the closure we need. Perfectly said Tina. :)

~Tina~ Thanks hun. It's what I'm holding on too;)

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