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Empire by Orson Scott Card
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Oct 12, 2009

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Read in October, 2009

I think 3 stars may be too generous, but I enjoyed the book and it was a fairly quick read. I liked the premise and plot of the book - America in civil war with the sides being the political left and right. I don't quite agree with some of the reviews I've seen claiming Card's writing in this is too far to the right. I felt he showed the idiocy of extremism on both sides of the political spectrum, and if it came across as too conservative that may be a result of having the major characters being military officers. My main complaints are with the writing itself. It felt like it had been rushed, and it was only after I finished and was reading the afterward that I saw this was written as a companion to a computer game being developed. It had that kind of feel to it, and there were several scenes that really seemed to be missing any kind of build up. This could also have something to do with Card being a little out of his element in writing a thriller rather than more traditional sci-fi, I'm not sure. The other thing was some of the dialogue was slightly annoying. I realize that sarcasm has its place, and I use it regularly, but it seemed nearly every conversation was conducted sarcastically, and not just with certain characters but all the main characters. I don't know, it just felt off. Other than these little annoyances, I enjoyed it, and if a sequel comes along (there was a major question left unanswered, and a feeling of wanting to know what happens next at the end) I'll read it.

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