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2002 Guide to Literary Agents by Rachel Vater
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Sep 20, 2008

it was ok
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message 1: by Kristen (new)

Kristen Seth, you need to get the 2009 editions of this book and others. This is outdated and old.

Seth Definitely! I wouldn't use it. It got swept up in my "add everything" run (I took digital pictures of all my bookshelves and had them open next to a Goodreads window). It showed up in my feed recently because I noticed it hadn't been added to my "writing" shelf.

I haven't picked up a newer copy because I haven't been looking for an agent. I wasn't in 2002, either, but my stepfather had finished a book and I wanted to encourage him to get it published.

If I were looking for an agent (or whenever I finish something long enough to get me off by tookas(1)), I'd also start by asking writer friends and writers I kind-of know from conventions if they had any recommendations. I hate cold-contacting people :-(

I have decided that I just write to help me with my hobby of collecting rejection slips. I am trying for a full set of known common phrases by various first readers at genre magazines. I have most of the JJA collection for The Magazine F&SF, but my Realm of Fantasy color set (they use colored paper to indicate level of rejection--or at least they used to, I haven't checked recently) is woefully thin.

Which reminds me, I need polish something up for F&SF. The next quote I'm hunting seems to be right at the edge of my current writing ability.

Thank you for the advice, BTW! I can definitely imagine someone picking up an old copy at a used bookstore and not knowing how fast things change in publishing.

1) Oddly, "tookas" wasn't in my spellcheck dictionary. I don't expect it to come in the standard dictionary, but I can't believe I haven't used it enough to add it in the past year. Memo to self: The Joy of Yiddish goes back in the bathroom!

message 3: by Kristen (new)

Kristen You're welcome Seth. For me, I hope to be querying by mid fall this year, I hope, as I'm still editing/writing my two Nano mss. I do have my old Poet's Market books though. I never been to an convention. The only writers I know is from Shelfari (Erica Spindler, Lisa Unger) and from here, except for one of my former egroups. We'll see.

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