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Katie and the Mona Lisa by James Mayhew
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Oct 12, 09

1. Summary:Katie, the young art lover who stepped into the world of the Impressionists in her first enchanted adventure, now steps out with the Mona Lisa herself! Invited by the famous lady to come inside her painting, Katie soon discovers that the Mona Lisa is lonely. So, hand in hand, Katie and Mona Lisa stroll out of the canvas and search the museum for new friends. Climbing inside different artists paintings, they meet new characters. It is a great adventure for the both of them, but the museum is soon going to be in a muddle. This book is a witty blend of fine art and clever whimsy, this is a beguiling introduction to the masterpieces of the Italian renaissance.
2. Genre: fantasy fiction

Reading level: This book is for fluent readers, because of the text all over the pages.

3. Specific Curricular Uses:
This book would be suitable for read aloud because of the discussions about what the characters are doing.
It would also be appropriate for independent reading for the more fluent readers.
4. Social Issues the book addresses:
Artist paintings and creative imagination

5. Specific Literary Elements the book demonstrates:
The subject and theme are different, but complement each other in this story. Even though the paintings and artists are factual pieces of information, the idea of them coming to life and conversing with Katie are fictional.

6. Interactions and Counteractions of text and image; How does the illustration help tell the story?
Because each painting that is visited throughout the story is so different from the next, the illustrations are vital for the audience. The story revolves around the idea of paintings and illustrations that artists have accomplished, I think it is important to let the reader see what these portraits actually looked like.

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