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You Suck by Christopher Moore
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Oct 25, 2009

really liked it
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Read in October, 2009

Picking up exactly where Bloodsucking Fiends left off, Jody is feeling a little lonely in her immortality and decides to bring Tommy over for a little company. Once that happens, they realize they need a new minion to do their daywork. Enter Abby Normal.

Perky goth girl Abby Normal made this book for me. She was hilarious! If I were a better creative-writing type of person, you would be reading this in my best imitation of her. As it is, you'll just have to take my word for it that she's a fantastic character. I don't know how well this will come across out of context, but here's a sample of one of Abby's chapters:

"OMFG-WOOT! I have failed, left my duty undone, like so much dog poop on the gloaming sidewalk of the tragedy that is my life. Even as I sit here at the Metreon Starbucks, writing this, the froth slaves seem to move like silver-eyed zombies and my nonfat, soy Amaretto Mochaccino has gone as bitter as snake bile. (Which is like the bitterest bile you can get.) If there wasn't a totally hot guy two tables away, acting like he doesn't notice me, I would weep--but real tears make your mascara run, so I'm staying chilly in my despair. Your loss, cute guy, for I have been chosen. Suffer, bitch!"

Did I forget to mention that she's sixteen?

Anyway, only parts are written like that, but I thought they were the best parts.

The Animals are back and in trouble with a blue prostitute. The old vampire is busking as a living statue. The Emperor is still worried about his city. Cavuto and Rivera are watching their dreams of golf and a used bookstore fade away. All is pretty much as it was in the previous book.

Which brings me to where I complain about how I hate reading series books back to back. Both this book and Bloodsucking Fiends stand alone, but I read them together. So every time I got the refresher about "Remember how this happened last time?" I was thinking, "That happened about half an hour ago. Get on with the story already!" Yeah, I need breaks between series books.

The ending was not very satisfying. Someone said this about another book I've read recently and I think it applies here: It's like Moore thought, "You weren't crazy about my first ending? Let's see how you like this one! Mwahahahahaha!" I'm afraid to say that I hope there will be another, because who knows how he'll end that one!

So, this is more fun from Moore. Don't feel like you have to read this after Bloodsucking Fiends. I think you'll be fine either way. Just watch out for that Abby Normal. She just might have you in stitches.
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