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The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor
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Oct 11, 2009

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Read in November, 2009

Book: The Looking Glass Wars (The Looking Glass Wars, #1)
Author: Frank Beddor
Awesomeness level: 5/5
Began: November 9, 2009
Finished: November 14, 2009

It was a long time ago when I saw Seeing Redd, Frank Beddor's second book in The Looking Glass Wars trilogy, at Barnes & Noble. Back then, I didn't care about it, I didn't know that I'd finish The Looking Glass Wars at 3:22 in the morning, not willing to sleep until I knew how the first book ended. I didn't know I'd squeal with excitment when Hatter Madigan or any other characters supporting White Imagination were mentioned.
In short, I didn't know how amazing this book would be.

Alyss Heart is seven years old when the fantastic story begins, and separated from her parents when her murderous aunt Redd attacks the Heart Palace, wanting the crown for herself. Alyss and her bodygaurd, Hatter Madigan, escape on the Queen's orders to the Pool of Tears. Where does it lead? No one knows, for the simple reason that no one's ever returned.
Where does it lead?
The Pool of Tears leads to a very strange world--Our own.
Alyss and Hatter are separated, Alyss turns up in Victorian London, Hatter in Paris.
Hatter spends 13 years searching the world for her, detirmined to find her so they can return to Wonderland and battle Redd for her rightful place as the Queen of Hearts.
Alyss, meanwhile, is told her stories of Wonderland are rubbish, but she knows better...Right?
Will Hatter and Alyss find each other, and can she succed in battling her evil aunt Redd?
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Quotes Janeen-san Liked

Frank Beddor
“Off with their heads!”
Frank Beddor, The Looking Glass Wars

Frank Beddor
“I tell you to think black thoughts and you come up with that?!" the lieutenant had screamed. "Is a guinea pig bad? Do you consider a guinea pig the representation of all that is evil?"

Maybe... if it's an evil guinea pig.”
Frank Beddor, The Looking Glass Wars

Frank Beddor
“Redd's face contorted with a sudden realization. "How could I have been so stupid?"
The Cat was trying to decide if this was a rhetorical question when she roared, "It's a construct!"
With a dismiissive swing of Redd's arm, Alyss and her army began to shimmer, the billon points of engery that formed them monentarily visible before exploding apart into nothing. Redd scoped the queendom with her imagination's eye. "Where are you, Alyss? Where is my dear little niece?”
Frank Beddor, The Looking Glass Wars

Frank Beddor
“We're family," Alyss said.
Redd snorted. "Is that supposed to mean something?"
Family," Alyss said again, trying to convince herself more than Redd.
Don't talk to me about family! You were never disowned by your parents!"
I'd rather have been disowned by them then see them murdered.”
Frank Beddor, The Looking Glass Wars

Frank Beddor
“I'm stronger than you are, Redd.”
Frank Beddor, The Looking Glass Wars

Frank Beddor
“The queen is head. Long live the queen...me."
The platoon of renegade soldiers cheered. Redd kicked The Cat where he lay on the floor, tongue lolling in his mouth, the picture of death. "Get up! You still have seven more lives."
The Cat's eyes fluttered open.
Find Alyss and kill her."
With a wave of her hand, the looking glass was once again whole. The Cate jumped through, in prosuit of the only living Heart besides Redd.”
Frank Beddor, The Looking Glass Wars

Frank Beddor
“The black, hungry roses that Redd sent snaking towards the princess were easily squashed, the orbs and and unmanned, airborne blades of effortlessly waved off, and the spears of black energy (Alyss was flattered, her aunt borrowing this idea from her) pinned motionless to the air by Alyss's own white spears with no trouble.”
Frank Beddor, The Looking Glass Wars

Frank Beddor
“Redd shed caution like an outgrown skin.”
Frank Beddor, The Looking Glass Wars

Frank Beddor
“I've finished running from you, Redd. It's time for you to run."
Frank Beddor, The Looking Glass Wars

Frank Beddor
“She didn't bother to understand it all; it was history--boring boring boring.”
Frank Beddor, The Looking Glass Wars

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Ann Thanks for the recommendation, Janeen-san! I've been quite curious about these, so it's nice to have reviews from Goodreads friends. :) Now I'll just have to find myself a copy... ;->

Judy Why only 3 stars if you felt it was amazing?

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