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Strange Brew by P.N. Elrod
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Oct 10, 2009

really liked it
Read in July, 2009

A tasty sampler of UF shorts to quench your thirst for a quick summer read
Strange Brew was a pretty good sampler of urban fantasy shorts and even though most of the stories are connected to these favorite authors' popular series, most worked pretty well as standalones. My favorites were the one's by Briggs and Caine.

****Seeing Eye - Patricia Briggs - A blind witch is an unlikely `finder' but this witch has a very personal reason for accepting a werewolf's plea for magical aid to help rescue his kidnapped brother from a powerful villain - I like Brigg's style, and enjoyed this short set in another corner of her Mercy Thompson world. (4 stars = I liked it)

****Last Call - Jim Butcher - It's personal for Harry Dresden when an attack on Mac's bar comes between Harry and his beer - I am just wild about Harry, but even though this wasn't my favorite Dresden short, it did have some moments. (3.5 stars = it was pretty good)

****Death Warmed Over - Rachel Caine - Andrew was dead long before Holly ever him, but when Holy is forced to resurrect Andrew back a second time to protect her from a witch killer, Holly doesn't know how she can stand to watch Andrew die again. (4 stars)

****Vegas Odds - Karen Chance - A war mage with wereblood is on the hunt for an assassin - This one starts out with a frenzy of action and pretty much keeps up the pace the whole way through. A bit frenetic for me, but a nice glimpse into another corner of Chance's Cassie Palmer world. (3 stars = it was ok)

****Hecate's Golden Eye - P. N. Elrod - Since he's already dead, vamp gumshoe Jack Fleming is the perfect choice to retrieve a jewel cursed to kill any man who touches it.(3 stars)

****Bacon - Charlaine Harris - Vampire Dahlia who found her werewolf mate in "Tacky" is now a widow out for revenge. And who knows better than a vamp that "revenge is a dish best served cold" -- I was a bit bummed out by this one having read the story with Dahlia and Todd's hook-up. (3.5 stars)

****Signatures of the Dead - Faith Hunter - I haven't read Hunter's new series starter Skinwalker: A Jane Yellowrock novel yet but this a connected short. This one stars Jane's friend witch Molly who is strives to use her gifts to track down a clutch of murderous vamps -- Hunter does a good job of giving us a glimpse into her new world and I'll be checking out the series which stars Cherokee shapeshifter Jane. (4 stars)

****Ginger - Caitlin Kittredge - This is a Nocturne City connected short, which puts werewolf detective Luna's witchy cousin in the lead. Sunny use of power to foil an attack in a courtroom, lands her kidnapped and in the middle of a coven's power grab, and gives her a chance to shine when she asks herself what would Luna do? - (4 stars)

****Dark Sins - Jenna Maclaine - Vampire witch Cin and her lover Michael and vampire justice cohorts Devlin and Justine are kidnapped by a dark mage out for revenge who intends to force Cin to the darkside of magic -- Cin's way in over her head in this one and if it hadn't been a short story I'd have been disappointed with the `divine intervention' necessary for the resolution of Cin's predicament, but an even bigger problem I see for this one is if series fans don't read this one they are going to miss a huge turning point for Cin and the series. (3.5 stars)
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