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Black Movements in America by Cedric J. Robinson
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How's this book so far?

david as to be be expected--amazing.
some quotes:

9: with the enactment of the slave codes, both Black and Native American slaves were denied allies in the Euro-American poor.

19-20: the resistances to slavery were the principal grounds for the radically alternative political culture that coalesced in the Black communities of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the era of revolutionary, liberal, and nationalist impulses among Europeans in North America. Among Blacks, the rule of law was respected for its power rather than for any resemblance to justice of a moral order.

20: the 5,000 Black who fight for American Independence fought for liberty, and had a very different vision of national freedom than the one imagined by their countrymen...like the Native American national that sided with the British, the Black loyalists sought to employ the British army to serve their own interests, for their own ends...their suspicion of and opposition toward American society survived in the political cultures of Blacks and Native Americans for the next two hundred years.

93: most of the disparate movements of the late nineteenth century and the present, however, have profound grounds. thus, while they might have been catalyzed by their immediate historical circumstances, their bases are in alternative world views germinated from radicaly different Black experiences. from among the the antebellum free Blacks, historical consciousness emerged that mirrored the liberal, aristocratic American classes. from among the slaves, older African sensibilities were preserved, fertilized in the New World by maroonage and the work regimes of plantation slavery.

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Robinson is brilliant! These quotes are great... Thanks for sharing :-)

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