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The 8th Confession by James Patterson
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Oct 08, 2009

it was amazing

San Francisco is once again confronted with a serial killer and it will be up to the Women's Murder Club and the beaus to solve the case. Someone is targeting high society folks, but no one can figure out how the killer is taking them out. Other than the fact that they might have a taste for partying, drinking, drugs and other debauchery, the victims show no signs of injury or illness. In fact, they are in prime shape.

Claire, the cities chief medical examiner, has done everything she can to find a sign of what might have happened. Nothing shows up in the bloodwork, and repeated looks at the bodies reveals nothing. She even reaches out to other MEs in other jurisdictions.

Lindsay and her partner Rich are not doing much better as they are hitting roadblocks at every bend, leaving no significant clues to work with. They finally get a break when a retired officer points out that the cases mirror similar a similar murder spree in the 1980's. It is that clue that shows them the pattern to finally start pulling the case together.

As all of this is going on Cindy finally gets an opportunity to come to the fore. She takes an interest in the murder of a local homeless man everyone calls Bagman Jesus. At first glance, he has a reputation for helping many of the local indigent population in getting the services they need. He was found beaten to death and with several gunshot wounds to the head. Cindy is horrified at the fact that the police seems to push these types of cases aside because they are overburdered, and no one "really cares." Considering the fact the city is throwing all their big guns on the mystery high society deaths, there is little question that she might be right. Unfortunately, she is not right about everything. As she and other dig deeper into the case, things aren't what they first seem.

As usual, the girls' romances really come to the fore. Yuki finds love after she is hurt in front of the courthouse. The doctor who helps to stitch her up is pretty much the kind of guy every mother would want for their daughter. To make things even better, he is sweet, considerate, and handsome. She hasn't felt like this for a guy in years, and no one knows where their relationship is going to lead.

Cindy also finds a new guy, though he is not as new to the reader. While they are a perfect match, the club members disagree, at first, about whether or not she should pursue him. All she knows is that she likes to spend time with him.

Patterson and Paetro do a nice job of weaving the various plots and subplots together throughout the course of the novel. Each character really has their chance to shine, and the readers get their usual "edge of their" seat reactions as the cases being investigated come to surprising closure. There is no question that fans will enjoy this book and will probably be left yearning for number 9!
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