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Most Evil by Steve Hodel
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Oct 08, 2009

it was ok
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Read in October, 2009

It helps if you've read Mr. Hodel's first true crime book where he blames his dad for the Black Dahlia murder (and several others), The Black Dahlia Avenger.

Now, how much of an evil douchebag asshole must his father have been for him to NOT ONLY accuse his pops of killing the Black Dahlia (and others) but to then, years later, also accuse him of the Zodiac murders (which took place 20 years after the BD)?

This book, like the last one, is filled with circumstantial evidence, but really, it's less than circumstantial. It's just speculation. And, the most important thing to remember is that Mr. Hodel can't even prove that his evil father (the dad, whether he murdered anyone or not, is still evil) was even in the different cities when these murders went down. Not only that, but he can't prove that his dad was even IN THE COUNTRY because at that time the father lived in the Philipines.

Another thing that makes no sense is that the first bunch of murders (Dahlia, Lipstick killer) were murders of women, strangulation, mutilation of the bodies, that kind of thing. Then 20 years later with the Zodiac murders... it's the killing of teens (men and women) at lovers' lanes with a gun. THE AUTHOR NEVER POINTS OUT THE DRASTIC CHANGE IN M.O.

That's a huge deal to me. If you've a killer who likes to strangle/stab women/girls and cut them up and then 20 years later you've one who like to shoot men and women? I think that would need to be explained first. Why the change? And is that drastic a change in M.O. even possible? It would seem that maybe a killer that changed like that would have to kill more people with shooting because it couldn't be as satisfying/personal as the strangling and mutilation. So you'd think there would have been more Zodiac shootings. I don't know, I'm just thinking out loud here.

While Mr. Hodel's theories of his dad being a serial killer are interesting, especially with him being the BDA (which seem more possible), trying to make him the Zodiac killer as well really falls flat. If he could explain the change in M.O. and then prove that his dad was in California at the time, then yes, it would be far more compelling.
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Rachael Yes. I'm right there with you and I noticed the M.O. Angle as well. Serial killers don't just one day decide to change their mo. If anything they are consistant.

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