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Through the Fire by Beth Trissel
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Oct 07, 2009

it was amazing

This book was a wonderful story with great imagery and emotion.
Someone commented they didn't like this book and gave it a one.
This person in my humble opinion, needs to change genres to sci fi or something else, as she cannot recognize a good romance. Not only is it hurtful to say things like that, and I challenge your knowledge.
Maybe she ought to read bodice rippers cause she can't recognize good when she sees it. I thought it deserved a five myself!
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Elizabeth Shelley I think that comment was totally uncalled for. Apparently the person does not read much, if she did, she would realize what an awesome writer Beth Trissell is. I have read all 4 of her books, and am anticipating the release of her next one. We pass books around at work, and every one in my group loves her. She has a way of grabbing your attention from the very beginning and holding it all the way through. I really hate for her books to come to an end!!!!!!!!!

message 2: by Beth (new) - added it

Beth Thanks so much Mary and Elizabeth for your heartfelt support.

message 3: by Kim (new) - added it

Kim H I wouldn't be thanking people for the bad PR if I were you, Beth. When your fans - well meaning as they may be - harass someone who gave your book a bad review, it reflects poorly on you to lend support to that sort of behavior. People who haven't yet tried your books might decide to avoid you altogether, and who benefits from that? Everyone has an opinion, and good or bad, they're entitled to equal freedom of expression. A couple of negative reviews won't wreck anyone's career, but incidents like this have a way of getting around inside the (blogging) romance reading community, and I don't believe anyone in their right mind would welcome that kind of bad press. Imagine your name being bandied around at Dear Author. I'd have nightmares just thinking about it:P
I happen to know that the reviewer in question actually does "read much", and the catty, personal comments made here about her and her taste in reading materials are inappropriate and downright tacky. If Mary and Elizabeth enjoy your work, more power to them. They're entitled to read what they like and rave about it to the ends of the earth. What they are NOT entitled to do is harass & make rude commentary about someone who holds an opposing viewpoint. The petty, childish behavior exhibited here, IMO, is what is "totally uncalled for".

message 4: by Beth (new) - added it

Beth Thank you for your thoughtful take on this, Kim. I appreciate your input. It was not my intention to encourage any harassment of a reviewer, but simply express my gratitude to my fans for their support. But I see your point and will have more care in future,

message 5: by Kim (new) - added it

Kim H I'm glad to know that you don't encourage the kind of nonsense that apparently went on here, Beth. More of it was actually deleted and Sherri, who wrote the negative review, ended up editing it because of the harassment & nasty comments that the ladies in question posted on it.
I write negative reviews all the time, and never are they intended to be harmful or hurtful to the author. I read a LOT of romance, and I occasionally pick up something that doesn't work for me. It happens to all of us. It seems like everyone blogs these days and romance readers like sharing their impressions & opinions with each other, but I don't think that anyone doing book reviews here or elsewhere means to be hurtful, or to do harm to an author's career. Mostly we want to support our favorite authors (I write many more positive reviews than negative ones), as I'm sure your supporters here meant to do, regardless of how badly they went about it. Most of us are excited when we find an author we really like & we want to make others aware of them. I would have to say that what went on here is most definitely a very bad way to go about that, and could possibly do the person they are trying to support more harm than good. I hope they consider that very carefully before they ever think of doing something like this again.
This review in particular is not supportive at all, but rather a snarky personal rant about another review, and if it were me, I'd distance myself from it and tell my fans thanks, but no thanks:P
All of that said, I've read through the synopsis of this book & it looks like something that might appeal to me. I do enjoy American Colonials, and as Sherri & I DO occasionally (respectfully) disagree, I think I might give this one a try.

message 6: by Beth (new) - added it

Beth Thanks again Kim. Emotions can run high where fans are concerned in their efforts to be supportive of authors they feel passionate about. I appreciate their good intentions but agree that we do not want this forum to become a place for negative exchanges. And I appreciate the potential harm, as you pointed out, that may inadvertently occur to the authors. I hope we have more constructive exchanges in future. That can be difficult, however, when an author is given such a scathing review there's nothing positive at all to discuss. In that event, either there's nothing to be said, or some will take offense--possibly strident. There are, of course, those who may agree with the reviewer. I think it would be more positive to temper reviews. As a contest judge, I make every effort to be as positive as possible while offering constructive criticism. I've also benefited from many such judges over the years, and judging contests is a form of review. I've certainly had my share of criticism and always appreciate the constructive sort, but that isn't always what a writer or author gets and I realize that.

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Kim H Well, I think everyone should try to be judicious in their commentary. I know it's a fine line, but I do *try* not to say someone stinks when what I really mean is that a particular book wasn't my cuppa. I do generally say that someone who enjoys so-and-so would probably enjoy this book, and words to that effect, but I know there are times when my honest, gut reaction to something is "oh, ick" and it's hard to be judicious with that:P Reviewers should think about the authors that read their reviews as well, and I know many authors do use Goodreads. I want to let other readers know what didn't appeal to me about a certain book, but I don't want to crush anyone - whether I enjoy their work or not:P

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Beth :) That seems quite sound and fair to me. LOL to trying not to say "oh ick." Loved your wording. I try not to say that too. Not crushing anyone is a good objective, while at the same time giving a reasonably honest opinion of a book. I know not everyone is going to be a fan of my work, but I've been quite pleasantly surprised by how many, including a number of reviewers, are.

As for Goodreads, my profile is kind of confusing, I think, because I was here before I got published and then wandered off, returning at random intervals, and didn't think to get more of an author profile going until recently. I do see the advantages to using Goodreads, though.

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Beth BTW, Kim, as you expressed possible interest in reading Through the Fire, I thought I would mention that it is one of three novels in the Oct. book discussion at Lost in a Good Book (affiliated with Readers and Writers of Distinctive Fiction) at
The discussion runs from Oct. 20-30.

message 10: by Kim (new) - added it

Kim H I'm trying to get a copy asap, Beth. If I can make it on time & get it read, I will check it out. Thanks:)

message 11: by Beth (new) - added it

Beth OK, great. And thanks for all of your feedback. I've really appreciated our exchange.

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