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Prayers for the Assassin by Robert Ferrigno
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Dec 01, 2009

did not like it
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Read in December, 2009

I wanted to really like this book, because it was recommneded by a friend. I just couldn't. It was a short novel, but it took nearly two months to read. Here is my review:
The novel begins with an interesting premise. I found the "muslim" America very intriguing. I think Ferrigno did a good job of laying out the landscape. The map at the beginning was very useful. I found some of the action scenes interesting and creative.
Although this novel is creative with the premise, it is horribly written. The characters are so one-dimensional. I don't even know why the main characters love each other, where their favorite restaurant is, what they talk about when they are not trying to be killed, etc. The author hold the reader at a distance. You watch the story unfold, and you are not an active participate. Ferrigno's characters are eccentric-its a shame he doesn't given them depth.
What about DETAIL? Ferrigno skims through the characters' lives with a paragraph and doesn't stop. Whenever the characters are presented with a riddle or problem, it is figured out with telling the reader how. HOW FRUSTRATING! Also, Rakkim (main character) seems to know why everything is happening towards the end, of course without telling the reader until the next chapter. To me, this isn't suspense-its annoying. The author flys through the emotional aspects of the book. He only briefly (a sentence or two) explains a characters emotional actions. Ferrigno, however, loves to describe sexual encounters. I hate to say it, but how so "sterotypically" male. Throughout the entire book I could tell the author was male. The comments some of the female characters made were not sound.
I found myself skimming the ending. Honestly, I didn't care who lived and died. It is a shame, too. This book could have been very good. The idea is good, and the characters are creative. It just wasn't.

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10/23/2009 page 1
0.22% "I am starting this book on Monday for my "at work" read. This is the first political book I've read- so I have mixed feeling on it."
11/03/2009 page 70
15.28% "This is an easy read so far, and seems to be packed full of action. I wish I had more time to read it!"
11/04/2009 page 100
21.83% "Ok- I think I may be hooked now."
11/05/2009 page 149
32.53% "Its getting better. I find myself reading more and more. I think some moments are really interesting!"
11/13/2009 page 220
48.03% "This is a fast paced book, but I feel winded. Where is the character development? I feel like I could watch this as a sitcom on TV."
11/17/2009 page 250
54.59% "I just can't get into it."
11/25/2009 page 340
74.24% "I really liked the description of Disney Land! Amazing the other thought to use it. The book is beginning to tie together!"

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Jackie Sooooo, you're saying that you didn't really care for it? J/K!

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