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Election by Tom Perrotta
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Oct 14, 09

Read in October, 2009

Tom Perrotta
New York; G.P. Putnam's Sons,1998
200 pp.$13.95

Tom Perrotta's outlook on New Jerseys Winwood High School will have you laughing out loud in this dark comic novel!Tom Perrottas outlook on New Jerseys Winwood High School will have you laughing out loud in this dark comic novel!Election is a perfect example of a short, sweet and to the point story about the classic school election for president. It has nail biting conflicts and jaw dropping events that fuse together into a truly hilarious journey.

Tom Perotta's Election is an insighful story into the trials and tribulations facing the seemingly normal students in Winwood High. However there is a definite dark underbelly to this story which makes it much more than a teen novel, it highlights the ever increasing ambition and rebelliousness of todays youth to achieve their goals and personal satisfaction at any cost, it is a total reversal of roles where today's student has the ability to dominate the teacher. The book is readable to both adults and teens, and it displays many issues and problems students must face. The book demonstrates the emphasis placed on high school elections, and the shocking resemblence to the nation's.
The beloved Social Studies teacher Mr. M begins the novel by explaining his point of view where he explains his love of teaching and the infamous affair between the schools "little miss perfect", Tracy Flick and then colleague Jack, Winwood's beloved English teacher.

Mr. M is seen as the main character throughout the novel although it is written in 1st person changing each point of view per chapter. Perrotta's writing style was very casual, making the story relate able and comfortable for the reader. The dialogue of each character seems real as if your reading each point of views diary. Each character explains they're point of view throughout the election mess that causes the life changing catastrophes of Mr. M. Mr. M explains his sorrow for the event and also his feelings against Tracy for the affair. He finds her annoying and cannot fully explain his reasons why. During the election's official count (in which he is in charge of) it's seen that Tracy has won the election, by one vote. Mr. M contemplates that it was his duty to prevent Tracy's win by fixing the election that she is so utterly obsessed with. Things then come spiraling down into an endless (and sometimes confusing) disaster!

Staying true to Perrotta's style, Election is witty, honest and hilarious parable. A quick, enjoyable read!


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