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The Time Machine by H.G. Wells
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Oct 06, 2009

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Is time travel possible? If possible, will time travel be good for mankind? No one knows the answers to these questions, but H.G. Wells explores the possibilities in his book The Time Machine.

The Time Machine shows to be careful what you wish for because you might not like the result.

H.G. Wells wrote The Time Machine in 1894, therefore the style of the book is quite different. The words used are sometimes archaic and hard to comprehend. This makes the book harder to understand at first. However, after reading for a while the strange dialect is easier to decipher. Wells does an excellent job of describing the places in the book, not so much the characters as most had no formal names. The style of Wells is unique, but mostly because the book is so old.

The characters in The Time Machine are interesting. Most of the characters have no formal names simply the Professor, the Psychologist, the Time Traveler, or etc. This makes the characters seem very unreal. Not one of the unnamed characters, except the Time Traveler, play a huge role in the story, making the inconvenience bearable. The book would have been just as good without the particular characters as they did nothing to enhance my experience of reading The Time Machine.

The settings of The Time Machine are very descriptive. I really felt like I was in the places. The book takes place in 1894 London, London 802,701, and London 30 million years after 1894. These places are all well described except for London in 1894. I really felt like I was experiencing what the Time Traveler was experiencing. The vivid descriptions of the settings really made the book for me.

The Time Traveler is an inventor in London, England. He is obsessed with the thought of time travel. He explains his ideas and shows a replica time machine to his weekly dinner guests. Theses guests leave more than skeptical of the Time Travelers “Time Machine”. The next week, the Time Traveler holds a dinner to show his invention off. However, upon arrival the guest find no sign of the Time Traveler. They continue dinner without him, until he appears and begins to recount a remarkable tale of his recent adventure through time.

The Time Machine is very much a science fiction novel. It is similar to several science fiction books I have read, but none as old. This book does not connect to me at all, mostly because it is very old and covers an idea that is not yet possible.

I would recommend The Time Machine by H.G. Wells to a classical book lover or a person who reads science fiction. However, I would advise children and non-intellectual adults to stay away from this book as it is hard to understand is some places because of the dialect of English used.

This book contains 83 pages.


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