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A Brief History Of Time by Stephen Hawking
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Oct 05, 2009

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If I had a slightly more evolved brain or were as brilliantly smart as, say, Stephen Hawking, I might give this book 4 or 5 stars. I'm pretty certain it deserves 4 or 5 stars. But my brain is only (I like to think) a bit above average. And so, yes, I admit it -- much of this (especially when delving into his own theories) was over my head. And while I found what I did understand absolutely fascinating, I can't really give it more than 3 stars because doing so would imply I really "got it."

I actually love quantum physics. I find that learning about how the universe works is just about the most intriguing thing in the... well, in the universe. :) The problem is that I am quite mathematically challenged. As soon as someone starts talking equations, my brain shuts down.

I like to think that I would have been better able to follow this book if I'd read the print version. I am very visual when it comes to learning. With the print version, I would be able to read sentences that were hard to absorb multiple times, until they made more sense to me. However, with the audio version, whenever Hawking lost me, I tended to just tune out.

Definitely worth the read, though. It's fascinating just to enter the mind of one so brilliant.
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Annalisa I know what you mean! I had to keep going back and relistening. It was frustrating, but I still thought it was fascinating.

Laurel I was furrowing my brow more often than I'd like to admit with this one! Fascinating, but a bit mind-boggling for my poor little brain. :)

Tibul Dalen "Definitely worth the read, though. It's fascinating just to enter the mind of one so brilliant"

Tamer Sad to see someone downplay a book due to lack of comprehension. Sigh.. I say instead of giving the book 3 stars, you should not vote at all. I believe that is more fair. How can one judge something without its full experience?

Theofilos Kyriakidis Laurel, I agree with your comments completely (along with Daniel's above). However, Tamer's comment is completely off; our personal rating of a book is how we viewed it and should not take into consideration how we think others would or should rate it. Not to mention that you started your review by stating your belief of a "mere" above average brain as opposed to the more evolved brains that would understand it completely. To Daniel's point above - the book at times "dumbs it down" for us but at others it assumes we are quantum physicists/cosmologists.

Alvani Gutiérrez I just started reading it and I completely agree with every single thing you wrote! I'm still going to read it, though. It really seems fascinating.

message 7: by Melody (new) - added it

Melody Yeah! Your review was fine but you shouldn't vote.

message 8: by Caelan (new)

Caelan Freeman Tamer, Melody, stop making a three star vote such a big deal. Tamer, does it really make you that upset?

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