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Infernal Devices by Philip Reeve
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Oct 05, 2009

it was amazing
Recommended for: Everyone
Read in June, 2009

Another Hungry City Story with more ravenous cities, more zombie robot warriors, more young boys who use high tech submarines to steal little trinkets luckily for us all there is still more to come!

Sixteen years have gone by. The baby in Hesters belly at the end of Predator's Gold has grown up to be Wren. All is calm and cosy in Anchorage. That is, to say,until the Lost Boys (and girls) rock up. This time they want the Tin Book, a mysterious reminent of the Sixty Minute War. However they find a certain scar-faced woman rather rude so they kidnap Wren. Tom (who is now a balding middle aged man) and the rest of the gang decide to rescue her so they take Cauls old limpet to Grimsby and are quite surprised to discover what they find. Meanwhile Wren and the young Lost Boy Fishcake receive a video message from Brighton (Philip Reeves old home) that says the Lost Boys parents want to see them again and that they miss they sail over to Brighton only to find it's a trick! They are taken aboard Brighton and turned into slaves. Luckily for Wren she is bought by the Mayor (or was it the Mayor's wife? One of the two) who to Wrens surprise is an old friend of her parents.

Meanwhile the Green Storm has begun their war on the Tractionists, and are using all their high tech stalkers and weapondry do so. However the Tractionists arn't just going to sit back and do nothing. They fight back! But the Green Storm, under the command of Stalker Fang, rage on. And in their craze for building stalkers, they help bring an old stalker from the Nomad Wars back to his (I think the correct terminology would be it's but it's is rude so let's say his) feet (sorry about that previous distraction). A familiar stalker with a name which is that of a bird (but not in America. 'He's' called something else over there). Can you guess who it is (P.S. If you are American I'm also sorry for refering to your nation as over there. I'm pretty sure Philip Reeve is also sorry for destroying it in this saga. Anyway on with the reveiw.)

For some reason, when I went to a bookshop, this was the only Philip Reeve book on the shelf (which was very annoying when I was trying to buy Predator's Gold, but was pretty good when I was buying this one). Originally, there was going to be three books but the third one was too long it had to be cut into two books. There is also a cliff hanger ending. Only one question remains: why did the Green Storm send the entire fleet angainst a lazy city that only has about a dozen people defending it?

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