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What Would Jane Austen Do? by Laurie Brown
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Oct 04, 2009

really liked it
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In college I knew a few girls who were part of the Jane Austen book club on campus and I would sometimes hear them muttering ‘What Would Jane Do?’ in certain situations. I was always amused by this since Jane lived a century and half before, how would she know what to do in our modern era? Oddly enough this book proved one thing to me--despite the superficial changes, society itself hasn’t really progressed.

Eleanor was a very likable character to me. As were the two ghost sisters, or even their not-so-ghostly living selves. Shermont…he’s described as being a womanizer and rake, but I really don’t think he was any worse then any other man. Despite his wariness where Eleanor is concerned (the timing is a little too perfect of her arrival, she would evade questions and always seemed to be hiding something, in other words she was acting very suspicious) I have to admit Shermont was surprisingly fair-minded with her.

The book has a lot of misunderstandings and misdirection. From the ghost sisters’ and their uncertainty about what happened the night of the duel to Shermont’s mission to find the Napoleonic spy events seem to spiral out of control quickly for poor Eleanor. I do find it very amusing later on when she has to choose between hot sex or Jane Austen (I truly don’t think I could have chosen).

The resolution was better then I thought it would be--too often it seems like time travel romances ignore changing history by uprooting a character to the past or present, but in this case it worked out wonderfully.

I really do enjoy Laurie Brown’s romances (I previously read One Hundred Years to Reform a Rake, which was another time travel romance, but the heroine had the terrible decision of loving the Ghost man or his live self and feeling like she betrayed both at once) and look forward to future books!
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