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The Scenic Route by Binnie Kirshenbaum
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Oct 23, 09

Read in October, 2009

Again, another book lent to me by my neighbor and one that I hadn't heard of but am giving 4 stars to which I don't give to many books but this book was just so well written. This is a book narrated by Sylvia, a single, divorced, middle aged woman who when laid off from her job, goes to Europe for an indefinite amount of time and soon after landing in Europe, she meets Henry who is another American but one who has been living an expatriate life in Paris, living off of his extremely wealthy wife. Henry and his wife live very separate lives and have almost nothing in common but he would never think of leaving her for as he sees it, that would "ruin his life" and Sylvia understands this thoroughly since her and Henry are bound but one strong bond, their absolute inability to act on anything.

The story is a rich story for it is a sum of the stories that Sylvia tells Henry of her family as they tour around Europe in Henrys car, staying at lavish hotels & eating wonderful meals, all bank rolled by Henry's rich wife. They both fall very much in love wih each other but know that they will do nothing about it.

The author herself, sums up Sylvia perfectly when she says in telling teh story "Sylvia is trying to understand how she got to this state, as if understanding will afford her purpose, and somehow ease her sorrow."

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