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The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer by Joyce Reardon
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May 23, 10

Read in October, 2009

This book was awesome. I was drawn to it thinking it would be reminiscent of Anne Frank. And it was, in the way that diaries give you a feeling of diving into not only their lives and thoughts, but also their hearts and souls. The closest character I can compare to Ellen Rimbauer is if Kate Winslet's character Rose from Titanic boarded a different boat and never met Jack Dawson and actually married Cal.Not only is she married to a chauvanistic cheating control freak who basically tells her when he proposes "I'm all for individual rights but not in my own house.", but said house is haunted, and dozens of people disappear over the course of her life. You pity her at times, but Ellen doesn't want it. She fully accepts the life she chose and deal with everything as it comes, though she does go a little crazy.I would love this book as a present (hint hint Terry:))and recommend it to anyone, woman especially, interested in history or paranormal activity.

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message 1: by Bednarzterry (new)

Bednarzterry Mel, somehow I missed this big hint. Lord, I must be clueless. Anyway, it's not on the way in your Christmas box...but I believe your birthday isn't too far away so you never know. I'm sorry... I think I must not have read this thoroughly at the time.

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