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A Legal Fiction by E.X. Ferrars
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Oct 02, 2009

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A mystery story in the old fashioned sense of the word, published in 1964 and probably set around that time too. If its any indication of the time of the story being told, £10 is a lot of money in the story.

This is one of those books you pick up for R10 and read in a day. It’s a very easy read. The story is well crafted and unravels slowly. It is less of a murder mystery than a fraud expose. A painting on auction is the central object of interest in the story, and the tale is of how the two protagonists find out how the painting, a rather valuable one as it turns out, landed up at the auction.

Colin and Ginny bounce about the UK, leaving murders, thefts and cat fights in their wake. But they are the goodies and, inevitably, solve the mystery and fall in love. Very predictable for the 1960s I think.

The underlying theme of the book is trust, and how sometimes you simply have to decide to trust someone.

Also, when more than one explanation fits a situation, the lesson is that you do not simply decide on one, but rather gather more information to be able to make a considered decision.

If you happen to remember the name of this book and see it in a second hand book barrel for R10 or so, buy it and spend an afternoon reading it.

I am going to take it to my local book exchange, but I don’t think I wasted today reading it.

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