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Kissing the Rain by Kevin Brooks
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Oct 01, 2009

did not like it
Read in October, 2009

Kissing the Rain
I thought Kissing the Rain was an uninteresting book. It didn’t catch my attention very well at all; I wasn’t drawn in on the drama. It was okay, but it wouldn’t be the first book that I would pick out in the library. Although, I would recommend this to anyone that is interested in dark and shadowy, yet secretive books. This book was confusing from beginning to the end. I think the author’s purpose was to entertain the reader. (He didn’t do a good job.)
I would say that Vine was my favorite character. He was the manipulative and sneaky guy. He was fairly violent as well. Vine is an extremely difficult man to work with I personally would regret working with him he is a mean and big buff guy, who is taller and most likely stronger than me. I liked Vine because he was the tough guy, that everyone thought they should be scared of, they feared him the most.
My least favorite character was Moo. I felt as if he cares about what other people thought about him, and he doesn’t have a mind of his own. He goes by what other people say or think. Moo has a tendency to let people bother him and effect any major or minor decisions that he would make in his life. I also thought he was annoying. He never wanted to be around people. He always wanted to be alone, and I found that extremely unhealthy.
The last chapter of my book was the best! I really like how Moo and his friend tried to plan to murder Vine, I was disappointed that he didn’t follow through with idea. I was looking forward to someone finally deciding to stand up to the big man, the boss. They thought that if they killed Vine they would have to be forced to testify against him. The original plan was to testify in his favor because Moo was afraid to say no because of the things he was capable of, the end was unpredictable! I never would have seen a potential murder coming up.
I think that Jack Nichols would be a great person to play Vine because he looks like a mafia person. Spencer Breslin should play Moo because he is a boring fat kid just like the character Moo.
When I was reading this book I felt annoyed, and frustrated it was very bleak and dreadful. It brought my spirit down whenever I picked it up to read it.
My favorite line of this book when Vine said: “WHAT YOU GONNA DO?” that was the very last line of my book; I liked it because I knew I was finally done!

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