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The Road Taken by Megan Hart
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Sep 29, 2009

really liked it
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Read in September, 2009

If this sweetly erotic little quickie is an example of her writing style, I need to read some more Megan Hart. And I do enjoy a hero who blushes. Nicely done.
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Dina That's what I thought, Auntee. I'm still "afraid" of Deeper and Broken, but maybe I can find something else from her up to my alley.

Auntee I'm looking at my bookshelf now, and I have 5 Megan Hart books that I've yet to read. I need to start somewhere!
Why are you afraid of "Deeper" and "Broken"?

Dina Based on what I've gathered, including some spoilers, Deeper is a very angsty read and doesn't have a HEA. As for Broken, it's another angsty read and East's warned me that I'll have to be in the right mood to tackle it, or it will end up being a DNF. That's a bit "scary" to me.

Auntee Gotcha. No wonder I haven't read them yet...:)
I like my HEAs too!

message 5: by K. (new) - rated it 4 stars

K. LOL! You two are veterans of "romance" so I'm thinking you will BOTH LOVE "Deeper" and especially "Broken" (which actually does have an HEA that "MOST" readers will relate to -- including me with my PERFECT marriage!). STOP pussy-footing around and just read them BOTH already. They are reads that may put you in a different (less predictable) mood, but you both are the types of readers that will appreciate the "change-up."

"Broken" is definately a HEA that most people will CHOOSE(!), so don't fear that one. "Deeper" is one that you should read to the END! (DON'T do skipping crap!). Then you'll go back to you're "normal" romance (like me) but will feel a bit more "in the know" AND emotionally intelligent from the experience (just because it "stays" with you and makes you "think"). I'm not kidding you two (and you're both so unrestricted in your usual reading!). Honest, don't rule out Megan Hart for a truly stimulating change! ;)

message 6: by Bill (new)

Bill LOL! No arm twisting here. I already put Broken on my TBR list a few days ago.

K. wrote: "LOL! You two are veterans of "romance" so I'm thinking you will BOTH LOVE "Deeper" and especially "Broken" (which actually does have an HEA that "MOST" readers will relate to -- including me with ..."

message 7: by K. (new) - rated it 4 stars

K. Bill: Oh my, but you do not generally enjoy really EROTIC romance. Let me be clear that although Megan Hart is VERY EROTIC in how she writes a romance, she's very EMOTIONAL (i.e romantic). KNOW that you are going into a book that is EROTIC Bill, but culls the deep emotional feelings involved that people may generally associate with life and love! You generally are not down for the clearly point-blank, lovemaking associated with Hart's writing style.

Although Jane Austin easily identified deep love and romance via an extremely romantic style (i.e. minus the down and dirty sexual attraction), Hart is the anti-Austen in her ability to represent the here and now of 21st century love/sex.

I'd LOVE you to explore Hart, . . . but I just don't think you'd be comfortable with (can get past) her directness. Read "Broken," (rather than "Deeper") and let me know what you think. I'd be VERY interested if you're THAT open! ;)

Adrienne I'll second K! Hart for me opened a door, yes! she had that profound an impact me. I started with something light then went straight to reading *Deeper*. My next read will be *Dirty* followed by the Novella *Reason Enough* which is the little sequel to Dirty...Megan Harts writting is wonderful, makes you think and leaves you with a slightly different view on life;)

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Oooh, Adrienne I absolutely loved Dirty. It is definitely my fave MH book I've read to date. Heavy subject matter... but hey it's an MH book so what do you expect. LOL

Auntee Jeez, now I don't know which one to start with...:)

Adrienne After reading *Deeper* and a few others I've decided to read them in the order MH wrote them because some characters appear in later books, justifies my OCD in certain areas!

Teryl I was going to recommend you start with Tempted. It's about a married couple that ventures into a threesome with a friend. Very good!! It's not your typical romance storyline, there isn't your traditional HEA in this book.

I love all Megan Hart's stuff. She makes you feel the emotions that are happening in the story. I bawled in Broken.

Auntee Thanks for the recs, ladies.:)

message 14: by Tammy (new)

Tammy Blushing hero? Sold! (It never seems to take much with me - I'm easy!) Great review Auntee!

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