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Potent Pleasures by Eloisa James
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Sep 29, 2009

it was ok
bookshelves: romance
Read in September, 2009

** spoiler alert ** Charlotte and Alex meet one night at a Cyprian's Ball. Charlotte attends the ball with a friend of hers in which they both were under the impression that it was a normal ball. Of course it is not and Charlotte ends up sleeping with Alex. Later, Charlotte hopes to see Alex again at her come out ball, but she gets so upset that she heads to her room and spends most of her ball there. Charlotte decides to never marry and meets a new friend named Sophie. They have a great time being big flirts and then Alex returns to find a wife. He immediately decides that Charlotte is the girl he is going to marry and spends his time trying to persuade Charlotte to marry him. Charlotte instantly knows that Alex is the guy she slept with at the Cyprian's Ball and tries to avoid marriage to him. Eventually he wins out and there are multiple misunderstandings between the two.

I honestly had a difficult time believing that Charlotte would just sleep with some guy she didn't know. So right off the bat, I had difficulties with this story. Eventually however, I started to enjoy the story. It annoyed me however that Charlotte did not want to marry Alex and would not confess to him that she had met him before at the Cyprian's Ball. I will give her credit for trying to hint that she knew him before, but it was still frustrating that even after they were married, she would not admit it to him. Later she stated that she wanted to know that he married her for her and not out of honor. If she had admitted to him that she had slept with him at the Cyprian Ball, it would not have interfered with this desire of hers. The book really started pissing me off when there was misunderstanding after misunderstanding all related to this one incident that Charlotte will not fess up to. I also found it annoying that Alex was suddenly called upon to be conveniently out of the country during the majority of Charlotte's pregnancy. The reasoning didn't sit very well with me and frankly it seemed contrived.

Despite all of that, there are some kernel's of goodness in this book. Most of it was enjoyable due more to the writing style of the author than the actual content, but it still seemed to need work. The characters were at times likable but I found myself many times wanting to smack one or both of them for their stupidity.

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