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Real Food by Nina Planck
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Oct 02, 09

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Read in October, 2009

Ok, so I love this. Please ask me to borrow it. I picked it up at a friend's house and started reading it and immediately went out and bought it. I am partial to food and nutrition writing as it is, and nutrition trends, but reading this, something just clicked.

As everyone else has said, this book is basically about how industrial fats and refined foods, especially sugar, white flour, and hydrogenated vegetable oils, are what is causing Americans to have a high rate of heart attacks, cancer, and overall grumpiness.
Unprocessed foods, including milk and meat and the saturated fat they come with, are good for you. I enjoyed her scientific diatribes, and to me, the statistics and studies she cited seemed sound. Other people have differing opinions about that, but statistics are like that and people see what they want to in them, so I am not going to argue against people who say her studies are wack. Her's is a philosophy that especially appeals to those of us who like government conspiracy theories, especially those theories that are actually true, like that the FDA has other agendas besides making sure you eat healthy food. My mother is a nutritionist and used to work for the ADA...she fed me frozen vegan junk food, margarine, diet sodas, etc. She still eats this way. Maybe I am just rebelling.

For me-I have read about how disgusting and unhealthy the commercial meat and dairy industries are, but feel like crap when I try to eliminate those foods from my diet. That's Planck's personal experiences as well, and some people say it's annoying to have to keep reading about her experiences, but I liked that aspect to the book, even if it was just because it confirmed my own.

This is the first book I have read that tells about all kinds of foods, vegetables included, and what happens to them in industrial farming. It never really clicked in my head how fucked up it is to say, do things like clean vegetables with chlorine, which is typical in our society. Those bagged salads! Chlorine! That's how baby spinach stays fresh! You like that? Well this book is filled with a lot of those little morsels sure to horrify.

So I do know what NOT to far as the what TO eat part, it seems people have complaints about her explanations there. It's really expensive to eat this way, and not everyone's husband is a famous, wealthy, raw cheesemonger. However, information is never a bad thing, after reading this you are armed with the information and can choose to put your money where your mouth is, or not. I do think that eating organic vegetables, grass fed beef, pastured eggs, and all that is difficult for a lot of people and espscially families. I know just FINDING these things can be difficult. It sucks that poor people and uneducated people and especially those who are both are duped into saving money by eating shitty processed, subsidized foods. But everyone can choose to make some of the choices encouraged by Planck. Cooking for yourself is half the battle here. I think awareness is the first step to fixing what's wrong with our food and this book is encouraging in that respect. I am not convinced that if everyone did everything she said, it's even possible to produce that much healthy food, because there are just too many of us, you know? That's what got us into this mess in the first place. But I think this book is about personal choices, not solving every problem of factory farming and world hunger outright.

Seriously though, do you know how hard it is to find raw milk and butter? I'm trying and it's damn near impossible.
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message 1: by Tony (new)

Tony What to Eat = Anina's chocolate cupcakes.
Why = Because they rule.

Anina Tony wrote: "What to Eat = Anina's chocolate cupcakes.
Why = Because they rule."

yes, though, according to this book so far i am totally killing you all with refined sugar, flour, and dairy.

message 3: by Tony (new)

Tony Assisted suicide is legal, right?

message 4: by Jamila (new)

Jamila I think I'll read this book.

I want some chocolate cupcakes - vegan, gluten-free chocolate cupcakes!

Erin Ms. Planck's parents still run a stand at the Takoma Park Farmer's Market on Sundays, and they have copies of this book for sale. I can't remember if I put it on goodreads, but I read this a couple of years ago and liked it too. I haven't tried to get raw milk, but it was definitely 1 of several books that have influence me to go to the farmer's market more.

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