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The Affinity Bridge by George Mann
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Honestly, I really don't know how to review this book. This book for me was more along the lines of a 3.7 and that's because the action picked up somewhere after the 120 page mark.

The writing was a bit laborious to get through and the POV that George Mann decided to take was a bit of a headache. The characters, even with all of their backstory, seemed a bit 2-d and cardboard with the only really promise every thirty pages or so only to be bogged down by superfluous description.

I bought this book half off at Strand and while not entirely disappointed at having spent 12 dollars on this book, surely could have waited until mass market paperback --- which is saying something because I don't really talk about books in terms of money.

This book had a "Ruby in the Smoke" slant on Victorian times, replete with a Sally Lockhart female aka Veronica Hobbes - Sir Maurice Newbury's erstwhile assistant. Veronica had promise as a character but unfortunately got swept aside a lot as the verboseness of description came and went.

Sir Maurice Newbury seemed to be some sort of take on Sherlock Holmes - even with his addictions and ability to deduce things seemingly out of thin air. Newbury is a bit warmer than Sherlock but not nearly as compelling.

Both characters, as well as the point of the story some could argue, was that everything has layers and if you poke around deep enough, you'll find them.

It's clear that something is brewing between Newbury and Hobbes which isn't nearly as exciting as I hoped because the characters are a bit...well, they are a bit like the automaton's in this story; bright, shiny and wonder to behold but frankly without much soul.

The plot itself, as well as the characters, had some really novel (pardon the pun) elements (did I mention there were Zombie-like creatures and a clairvoyant???) but this book felt like it might have the third draft of something that could've been great. As it is, it's memorably mediocre.

Of course, with the idea that there is a mystery steampunk book out there that has promise, I'll read the second one because I'm curious to see if Mann can make his characters a little less cardboard and a little more flesh.
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The Holy Terror Ooh, I keep meaning to borrow this. I'll keep an eye out to see what you think.

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