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The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum
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Jul 11, 12

First of all let me say...the recent movie with Matt Damon, I hated it. They butchered the story. I understand shortening for time (as in The Lord of the Rings) I understand combining characters...but why take a book's title then completely rewrite the story?

I like this book and its sequels. I hate the movie and its sequels.

Please try reading the books and finding out what the plot actually is. The book is well plotted, thought out, with complex characters. I believe you'll like it.

A man wakes up with amnesia...not a unique plot even then...and has to put together who he is and what's going on from few clues. This can be difficult in the best of times. If people are trying to kill you that can sometimes add to the...stress.

Microfilm, competing assassins, double and triple identities and of course a love story. As noted, this is a great read and it's much better than the movie by the same name in my opinion. (Although back in 1988 there was a miniseries staring Richard Chamberlain and Jaclyn Smith that stayed very close to the book. The special effects are dated and so on, but it's better story-wise if you care to look it up.)

If all you know about the The Bourne Identity is the Matt Damon movie you don't know the story. Really, do yourself a favor and read the novel.
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message 1: by Sath (new) - added it

Sath What would you say to people who did like the movies? :D

I'm usually a big supporter of the originals of things. It's always fascinating to see where things evolved from. But my logic tells me that if I liked the movie, and the book is nothing like the movie.. then I might not like the book..? :(

Mike (the Paladin) I'm happy you like the movie. But it's a logical fallacy to assume that because you like it you wouldn't like something someone else prefers. It's like assuming that because you like apple pie you wouldn't like cherry cobbler.

message 3: by Sath (new) - added it

Sath ah but what if I was in france and I ate a 'pomme' and thought it was lovely, and you might assume I like 'pomme de terre' because they're named almost the same, but then I hear that really they're not much alike.. so theres no reason to assume that I would like one, from liking the other. Thats what I mean :)

message 4: by Becky (new)

Becky I have yet to read the book myself, Sath, but my husband has loved the books and the movie, he just liked them in completely different ways. Same with the Legends of the Seeker show vs. book. He enjoys a good action movie, but he enjoyed the complexity of the book as well.

message 5: by Sath (new) - added it

Sath Thanks Becky.. maybe I would do okay with it :)

Mike (the Paladin) ....I was saying there was no basis to think one thing or the other. You know, just because you like the movie it tells you nothing about the book.

Could go either way...it doesn't really give you any indication one way or the other.

Oh well, what can I say...sigh.


message 7: by Elaine (new)

Elaine wow Mike, you've given it the illusive 5 stars! I will definitely have to read this one

Mike (the Paladin) I read it when I was on a Robert Ludlum kick some years ago and really like this one. I even liked the sequels, though they did get weaker as they went on, LOL.

Mike (the Paladin) I remember it following the novel much closer than the newer film. Glad you enjoyed it.

message 10: by Kennedy (new) - added it

Kennedy Would a 13-year-old like it...

Mike (the Paladin) Probably. It would probably depend on the individual. It's multilayered but if you're well read it probably won't be a problem. It's violent and as I recall some R rated stuff. Might check with your parents.

Jonathan Well I like both but I must admit that the book has much more depth to it.

message 13: by Kennedy (new) - added it

Kennedy Got it yesterday! Already done!! Must get next one!!

message 14: by Laryn (new) - added it

Laryn Also remember they have to make the story more recent to grasp non-series-reading viewers... perhaps that's why they needed to rewrite the story...

Mike (the Paladin) Well if you read the book you'll see that they didn't update it some much as switch the entire point of Bourne's mission and who did what. They took a book with a fairly original plot and put it into a plot template that's been done a hundred or more times.

Mohammed Im a big fan of this book and like the films only for Matt Damon, the action. The story is nothing compared the book. The books are more spy thrilers,more story

Valerie the bookworm I did like the movies but could always tell something was missing. I am reading the book now and loving it. A major missing component besides what Mike said about plot is the characters. Even Bourne came across as very cardboard in film. It was like all they cared about was the action. The book has insanely awesome and well written action sequences along with plot that is explained better, has logical progression, and makes sense. Then I also get to know Jason, what he is thinking, how he feels! Awesome.

Mike (the Paladin) I just got the '88 TV movie (had to track down a used DVD).

Shawn Oh man, just finished this (wipes sweat from brow) about as much fun as a root canal.

Mike (the Paladin) The first couple of sequels are also like that. I haven't read the Lustbrader ones.

Shawn Well I see that you liked this one...I have the other two, but I don't think I'm going to read them. At least not for awhile.

Christian Orr The 1988 ABC-TV miniseries adaptation (starring Richard Chamberlain and Jaclyn Smith) was much more faithful to the novel than the Matt Damon movie, though even the miniseries took some departures from the book.

Mike (the Paladin) They all do if for nothing more than time. I bought the older mini-series on DVD after I wrote this review, LOL.

Christian Orr I just re-watched the mini-series on YouTube; first time I'd seen it since it originally aired.

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