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Howl by Jet Mykles
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So far, I've just read "All Hallows' Moon" by Jeigh Lynn. Jeigh Lynn also writes as J.L. Langley, who I've recently enjoyed a trio of books by. As Jeigh Lynn she writes m/f. As J.L. Langley, she writes m/m. (Someone said they think her real name is Jeigh Lynn Langley, so each pen name is part of her real name.)

Anyway, so far all of those books, under both pen names are paranormal romance of the wolfy variety. Solid 4 star reads. Good characters. Decent plots. Sexy encounters.

In this one the unsuspecting female mate, Jill, of our werewolf, Dash, is his brother Alex's (entirely platonic) best friend. Dash discovers that Jill is his mate by smelling her scent on his brother. (They hugged after lunch.) Hilarious incestuously tinged scene where Dash keeps trying to sniff Alex.

Oh, and then Jill is due to come to the family Halloween party and she accidentally hits and injures Dash in wolf form when he's out for a run.

Good read, but like most shorts, too short. *g*

Read/reviewed 10/04/2009.


Next short - this time I read the Jet Mykles selection. A good witch, Meg, is being hounded by a bad witch and as a last ditch effort summons a lycanthrope she can magically collar to play bodyguard. Well, instead of one, two show up. A wolf, Rudy, and a jaguar, Michael. They're young beautiful and eager to please, in more ways than one. *g* Apparently the summoning spell is supposed to pull a sort of soul mate, and Meg lucked out to get two bi-sexual boys. (m-m-f scenes)

What's not to love? Reminds me a slight bit of the Anita/Jason/Nathaniel vibe in the AB books, only with different personalities. But, hey, doesn't every girl want a kitty and puppy to play with? *g*

My first Jet Mykles piece, to my knowledge. Might have to check out what else she's written.

Read/reviewed 10/09/2009.


Tried to read the third story, the Raine Weaver contribution. Not my cup of tea, at all. Too over dramatic or something. Just not appealing. But the 4 stars stands on the weight of the other two stories. The Jet Mykles being my favorite.

Reviewed 10/12/2009.

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10/04/2009 "This is an anthology. Read one story out of three."
10/09/2009 "Two stories down, one to go. So far I'd give the overall book 4 stars."

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