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If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern
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Feb 23, 08

did not like it
bookshelves: 2007, chick-lit, fiction, fantasy, hated-it, 3rd-person-omniscient
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Read in October, 2007

** spoiler alert ** I read Ahern's first book, P.S. I Love You, and despite the only reason she probably got it published is because she's the Irish PM's daughter, it was a cute book with a sweet premise. I didn't like this book as much. Now I have no problem with stretching my imagination, but at least the reasons for what's happening is usually explained. I'm probably going to spoil this book, but I'm not going to bother with spoiler tags because the book isn't even worth reading anyway! However, if you do want to read it, I'd advise not to read anymore of this review! You've been warned! Okay, so we're introduced to 34 year old Elizabeth who is a perfectionist with a Type A personality. Her mom left the family when she was little and she has a younger sister who's a binge drinker, so she's adopted her six year old nephew. And one day Ivan comes into her life. Now here's the kicker: Ivan is an imaginary friend! At first only her nephew can see him (and btw, I thought it was a bit creepy that a man who looked to be in his 30s wanted to play with a little boy, even though he wasn't any age, but still...ewww). Then Elizabeth starts to see him, (she thinks he's the father of her nephew's friend) only she doesn't know he's invisible, and of course nobody else can see him, so they all think she's crazy, but she doesn't even suspect anything which is clue #1 of how stupid she is. Now at first, I thought Ivan wasn't real, that was all in her mind, kind of like in Fight Club, but I'd be giving Ahern too much credit...but nope...he was actually an invisible person who worked with these other imagainary friends. It was so stupid, it's not explained why or how. Plus Ivan is the most annoying person - he throws paint on Elizabeth, he wakes her up at 6 am (ugh) with an annoying rooster call, and he speaks backwards. He acts like a child, pretty much. So why she falls in love with him, I don't know. (She must have looked pretty stupid when everybody saw her kiss an invisible man). So yes, I thought the book was really stupid with irritating characters. Ahern also learns not to use the same phrases over and over. She used "they said the word like a disease" THREE times. She also did that in P.S. I Love You where everyone "rolled their eyes to the heavens." But I would recommend that book to this one.
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Michelle While I totally agree with this review, the reason Elizabeth can see Ivan is inferred. Lonely people get imaginary friends. In some ways, she needs Ivan more than her nephew does. I thought her greater problem was the stick up her butt, but there was no mention of a proctologist in the novel.

message 2: by Bookgirl89 (new)

Bookgirl89 omg thank you!!!
i was about to get it from the library but i stopped and read ur review. the plot sounds like hell.

message 3: by Bookgirl89 (new)

Bookgirl89 i'll add it to my May reading list and give it a chance.

message 4: by Bookgirl89 (new)

Bookgirl89 i like giving things a chance, its on my summer reading list now. it has an odd plot so it should be interesting :)

message 5: by Lucy (new) - rated it 1 star

Lucy I have to admit that i gave up half way through. I never finished it. I have read and loved some pretty ridiculous stories in the past but I just couldnt read this

message 6: by Sara (new) - rated it 1 star

Sara Cindy wrote: "book girl, its adorable. Don't let this crazy lady tell you it isn't a good book! You just have to have the heart for it I suppose."

I respect your opinion that you think it's a good book, (though of course I disagree) but please don't call me crazy!

message 7: by Sara (new) - rated it 1 star

Sara Oh, and Bookgirl89, if you read it, I'd be curious what you thought of it. Also, I would highly recommend Cecelia Ahern's "P.S. I Love You." That one was actually pretty good.

Ellelou I read this book few years ago and I really liked it. It is a feel good book. The reason that she can see and have an imaginary friend could be down to the fact that she was robbed of her childhood when her mother walked out on her and her family. It was down to her to raise her sister and look after her grieving father. As I mentioned above I read this book a few years ago and can't remember all the details, but I after I read it I felt good. There are worst books out there that should haven't been published and have been rated more stars. As for bringing in her father and "connections" I don't think it is fair.

Pixiepops Totally agree with you Sara. Irritating is the word for the characters... I never start a book and not finish it but this one took all my energy not to.

message 10: by Erin (new) - rated it 5 stars

Erin I thought it was fantastic, brought me a lil closer to my inner child, it was a fun book to read yet also makes you reflect on yourself and how you conduct your life, at least that's what it did for me. I loved it <3

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

Sara, I am going to trust you and NOT read it. The plot sounds very boring to me.

message 12: by Carly (new) - added it

Carly Sorry but this review is ridiculous and enveloped in the lack of imagination and interpretation.

message 13: by Joud (new)

Joud I agreee! Reading this book is just a waste of time. I read a couple of chapters then stopped..i was thinking of finishing it but after this review,hell no. Thanks!

Bushra Couldn't agree more!

message 15: by Doris (new)

Doris Thank you for you clear review. Won't waste precious reading time with this nonsense.

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