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Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
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Sep 23, 09

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Who is John Galt? That's the question that starts this book, and that question alone carries the reader through what is simultaneously an epic plot, a philosophical discourse, and one of the most iconic and outstanding characters of American fiction.

This little number has been on my to-read list for quite some time, and I've finally got around to listening to a shortened version on tape. Of course, this only convinced me that I had to buy the unedited version for myself. Atlas Shrugged, for me, might be not uncharitably described as psuedopropaganda; Not only does it turn out the Socialism actually WILL lead the world into deep despair and humanistic ruin, but Capitalism is, in fact, the greatest good that a man can aspire to! Sound just a little too on the fringe? It was for me. Ayn Rand has written up the ultimate Capitalist/Objectivist daydream, using obviously-flawed characters for the bad guys and hard-working progmatics for the good guys. In this sense, I really do think the book is flawed.
But then why the three stars? Because Atlas Shrugged almost made me buy it. Even when the moral of the story is constantly and continually thrown in front of the reader, it is done so powerfully as to make its point. Atlas Shrugged changed the way I think, and has made me promise myself to go back and reread it. You don't have to like it... but you do have to try it.

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