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City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare
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Sep 22, 2009

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You cannot play chinese whisper on your deathbed and not have it brought up again. I spent the rest of the novel waiting for Jace to go OH BTW, WE'RE NOT RELATED, but it's as if The Inquisitor's final words meant nothing. And CLEARLY they meant something. Irritation. (Btw, I don't know if that's what she said. I'm just assuming.)

The ending was drawn out way too much. I found myself tuning out over the battle scenes. Unless you can write a really fantastic battle scene, don't draw yours out for 50 pages. I will tune out. I will fall asleep. And I will wake up and continue reading and have no bloody idea what's going on but not care because I just want it over with.

There was also the repetition of descriptions that just drove me nuts. How many times do I need to read about the smell of blood and sweat and COPPER? I am sick of the word copper.

Clare also needs to learn how to use her techniques wisely. The amount of times she drew out suspense drove me nuts - and not in a omfgicantstopreadingthisILOVETHISBOOK sort of way. I can recall at least five times revelatory moments/conversations were interrupted - and not CONTINUED - leaving the reader (or just me) in absolute frustration. Ie, the Inquisitor's death scene. I don't mind suspense being drawn out, but for the love of God, it gets to a point where I don't care what happens to the characters, just tell me what I want to KNOW.

Okay... now that I've gotten all of that off my chest. Rofl. Um... there was some fantastic dialogue in this book? I was in stitches over Jace and Simon's banter. Jace is just hilarious in general. I used to love Simon, but now he's died and been reborn so many times I'm just fed up with it. The final cliffhanger was interesting - I definitely want to read the third book for that.

Mainly, I'm still reading it because I'm waiting for Clare to go HA HA! FOOLED YOU! THEY'RE NOT ACTUALLY RELATED! over Jace and Clary. The hints are there. It's very possible I'm imagining these hints though, and maybe J and C really are related, in which case I look forward to them making two headed babies in the future.
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09/23/2009 page 77
17.0% "Jace: Enormous? Did you just call me fat? Inquisitor: It was an analogy. Jace: I am not fat. - HAHAHA."
09/23/2009 page 120
26.49% "Magnus: Is he dead? He looks dead. Maryse: No, he's not dead. Magnus: Have you checked? I could kick him if you want. - <3 Magnus!!"
09/24/2009 page 304
67.11% "Bored."
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Katharine (Ventureadlaxre) Ahahahahaha You are excellent XD

Christina :D I'm preparing for a very scary angst-ridden mob of teenagers to start banging on my front door... any minute now...

Katharine (Ventureadlaxre) From those who believe they're Clary? JACE IS REALLSL!!

But really, we should feel sorry for them. Just think, if this is the best book you'd read all year, then you'd be upset too.

Christina Rofl! Because Jace and Clary aren't ~together~?? There must have been a spike in emo kids between the release of this book and the third.

I'm torn between wanting you to tell me if J/C are actually related or not... D:

Katharine (Ventureadlaxre) Sorry, but if I had to read all three books, so do you :D

Jace continues to be witty, don't worry.

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