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How to Kill a Rock Star by Tiffanie DeBartolo
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Sep 22, 09

really liked it
Read in May, 2009

I will be reading this book over and over again, I'm sure.

At first glance, it's a story much like "Don't Sleep With Your Drummer" by Jen Sincero; a rocker chick story with pulsing romanctic undertones... But then, a couple pages deeper into the book and it's more of a love story. It's a romance between the "average" girl with a deep possession of deerlike eyes and a skrawny rock star wannabe with a voice that can drop girls' panties quicker than Brad Pitt's naked behind in "Meet Joe Black".

Eliza is a reporter with a tragic history that she carries around with her, in a deep fear of airplanes. She is a tragic girl, who still looks at life with such optimism that things will turn out the way that they should. However, at a breaking point, she sacrifices her own happiness in order to push the one she loves into the life that she thinks he needs to be a part of. She hurts herself to save him. While this is a very romantic, vampire-ish way to do things, it is also a bit selfish and undesearving. I wish people would just communicate, already!

Paul (or otherwise known by different names) is the rockstar wannabe who gets a "big" break after struggling for decades. He has a voice like silk and the intensity in his lyrics and music is claimed to be the biggest things since The Beatles (but more in the rock side, not the hippie dippy songs). He is pushed to become the "pop" rock that sells, instead of the indie rock that he actually is. Tired of being pulled in different directions, but trying to settle his nerves and go on anyway due to the support that Eliza gives him, they both trip into a deep relationship without either of them really realizing it.

Reporting projects and her fear of flying get mixed up in their relationship, and suddenly they've hit turmoil. In comes competition on more than one front.

"How to Kill a Rock Star" was a great read. I finished it within hours and didn't mind missing my dinner over it. (ha ha) It has happy, funny, sad, heartbreaking, angering, etc. emotions rolling through it. Sometimes a bit far-fetched, but otherwise really good stuff!

(I knew the ending- I just KNEW it!)
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