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The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger
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Oct 03, 2007

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The Catcher and the Rye is a struggle between ending your teenage years and starting adulthood. Holden Caulfeild is struggling with just this problem. When the story first begins, he has just been kicked out of another school. Finding himself alone on a friday night Holden gets nervous becuase his roomate is on a date with a childhood friend of his. He can't help himself but wonder what his roomate and Jane are doing. Getting agitated by that and his dormatory roomate he decides to go to New York Manhatten for the weekend. Once on the train he meets a lady, a mother of a classmate. He despises the student, but he can't help himself but to lie to her. Once off the train he goes to a motel and watches people from his widow. Next, he calls a lady that is said to be "easy". He tries to meet up with her that night, but she refuses and asks if he'd like to meet tomorrow. He doesn't want to so he hangs up. Now bored he decides to go down the the motels bar to get a drink, but the waiter finds out that he's not of age and doesn't serve him anything. While sitting at the bar he meets three ladies in their thirties. He flirts with them for awhile, then they make fun of his age and leave him. Stuck with all of the tabs. Once he leaves he starts to think about Jane and about their summer together. So, he decides to leave and take a cab to a jazz club where he runs into his older brothers ex girlfriend. She invites him to sit with her and her date, but he refuses by making up the excuse of having to meet someone and leaves to walk back to his motel. Once back to the motel he gets an offer of a hooker from the elevator attendent. He agrees and awhile later a girl named Sunny apears at his door. He lets her in but he doesn't want to sleep with her, so he pays her and before she leaves she demands five more dollars. Holden says no and the elavator attendent punches him and takes five dollars from his wallet. The next morning he decides to call up a past girlfriend, Sally. They decide to meet up for a broadway showing. While waiting for the date, Holden goofs off and tries to call Jane but her mother answers so he hangs up. When he does meet up with Sally he gets annoyed becuase she keeps talking to another boy at the show. He offers to take her the ice rink, but they both suck and decide to get a table. In a deep converstion about school Holden asks Sally to run away with him, but she Refuses and he replies iwth "pain in the ass". Not accepting his apology, she leaves. Later that night, drunk, Holden calls Sally and just rambles about meaningless things. Later, he sneaks into his apartment and sees his sister. He has to admit that he's been kicked out of school, and she's angry. He tells her that he wants to be "the catcher and the rye" a person who catches children as they fall off of clifs, and pheobe tell him that he's crazy and he's confused the poem. Once leaving he calls a former english teacher. He goes to his apartment, and his teacher tries to talk to him about his future, but HOlden is sleepy and falls asleep on the couch. He awakes to the teacher stroking his head, thinking the teacher is homosexual he leaves quickly and goes and sleeps on a bench. He decides he's not going back home and sends a note to Pheobe telling her so and to meethim for lunch, she comes and wants to leave with him. But, he says no and she gets upset, and follows him around. The book ends with him watching her on the ride, and telling us that he's not going to go any further withthe story.

This book was an interesting mixtures of emotions, i enjoyed it more than I thought i would in the begining. I think I might look into more books by this authur in the future.
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Cosmic Arcata The Catcher in the Rye is about WW2. It is a story within a story. Holden (which is the name of a car) is just a vehicle to "understand" the WW2. See my review. When you understand that Salinger couldn't say what he knew about this war so he wrote it as a children's book... Just like Felix Salten in Bambi (not the Disney version, which is probably why Salinger didn't get his published.

Salinger tells you this is nit a David Copperfield story. So don't read it like it is about Holden. Hint: look at the first page of David Copperfield to understand "Caiulfields" name.

I hope you will reread it again. This time when you get to the Merry go round play the music Salinger said was playing, and see if that makes sense or if he is using this book to tell you about money, power and war.

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