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In The Groove by Pamela Britton
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Sep 22, 2009

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bookshelves: contemporary, series, sports, chik-lit

Very cute funny beginning. Liking Sarah so far she seems like a character who is normal and down to earth and easy to relate to.
Love the part where Sarah googles Lance's name and 900,000 results come up. She then googles her own name and 1 comes up for "Naked and naughty teachers". Hahah! Good stuff, the wonders of google.
When Sarah and Lance hook-up, the reader doesn't get to read about it just the author telling us they did which is strange for this type of book, I also thought the hook-up was a bit premature. The hook-up happened kind of fast but with Chik-lit books that is usually the case and my beef with them. Oh and yeah I definitely consider this a Chik-lit book.
Huh, funny how the author added in a restaurant called "Bimbos" where the waitresses are large breasted and wear tight, yellow, tops. Sounds familiar (Hooters) and interesting choice calling this restaurant "Bimbos" tell us how you really feel huh?
A tad bit perfect; mom went from being Joan Crawford and "no more wire hangers" to June Cleaver and freshly baked muffins.
Lance felt like a cardboard cut out character; didn't really know him. The only thing the reader knows about him is he is sexy and super nice. I just didn't connect with him at all.
This was a super fast read and cotton candy, no real substance. Not to be mean or anything (I love this saying because you just know something bitchy is going to follow it) but this story read as if it could have been a highschooler who wrote it. I'm usually not one for overblown sex scenes (unless they involve Camaros, yeah still not over that one. Tara Janzen- Crazy Hot) but man the author only describes them kissing and then has Sarah wake up one morning and say "Oh we did it". This was a teen fiction story being sold as an adult romance book. I didn't quite give it a failing grade because it did have a lot of funny moments and any book that at least makes you smile or laugh should be given a passing grade.

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