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New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
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Jan 05, 10

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ugg, ack, vomit, spew...total garbage.

First off I want to say that I started Twilight and couldn't finish it. You might ask why I continued on with New Moon. Well, my best friend promised me that if I read New Moon she would read Harry Potter. Well I took a bullet for Harry. I love you Harry!!!

I wish writing had something that was the equivalent to a screen play for movies. Where, if you had an idea for a book you could give it to a good writer and that writer would not only write the book but fix faults in the story line and change or delete (I HATE BELLA) character profiles. Even then I'm not sure this drivel would have made it that far. The author writes like a 12 year old playing at being a writer. Who published this shit?

I'll tell you who published this...someone extremely smart because its a national sensation. Why? I have no idea. I can't wrap my head around it suffice to say that someone took a retarded plot line and wrapped it in a beautiful vampire package just at the moment all things vampire was exploding on the pop culture scene. Or maybe Twilight is the reason for the vampire explosion which is even more insulting when you consider all the excellent vampire writers out there that have to be compared to this trash. Its all a matter of good timing.........and I think they had the good sense to cling onto the coat tales of the HP book craze.

I cannot wait until this madness is over.

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Becky LOL Felina!! Your review cracked me up. I actually enjoyed the series. It was completely addicting and stupid fluff, but I liked it anyway. I'm pathetic, I know. :)

Felina Its funny because when I read a book I don't like I tend to be a bit cruel in my review. After I wrote the review I looked at all my friends reviews and realized that everybody gave it between 4 and 5 stars. Then I was afraid that everybody would be mad. I'm glad you're not. :P

Natalie I liked twilight, but HATED new moon. (Eclipse was good, breaking dawn so-so).

Anyway, that being said, I can understand why people don't like these books. They're not well written. For me it was more of a right book right time. I needed some fluff reading.

I think it's great that kids are reading, but I could EASILY come up with several authors/books that are SO much better written than this stuff for young adults(Narnia, Harry Potter, anything by Neil Gaiman).

So what does your friend think of Harry? Was suffering through the twilight saga fruitful?

Becky No way, Felina! I wouldn't be mad... Confused perhaps, if you detested a favorite book (PLEASE tell me you love The Shining and The Stand!!) but not MAD.

New Moon was pretty torturous, but I could identify with the "first love loss". But Bella just has to one-up everyone and go all crazy about it. :P

Vicki Oh I agree completely with Natalie, then I wonder if I read them now I would feel the same. These books re-opened the world of YA Literature for me and since then I have read so many better books.

And I would never be mad. Many of my good friends loved these books and others hated them. That's what makes interesting book discussions.

Felina Natalie - She is reading Harry and she is really liking it so I'm happy to take the bullet. I'd read Twilight 50 times if it would get more people to read Harry. I am a huge pusher of HP. All of you....go now...and read the series again.

Becky - I've never read anything by Stephen King. *hangs head in shame*

I think there is a lot of truth to timing when reading books. I think a lot of my problem with these books is that someone FOOLISHLY told me that they were as good as HP. So when I read them I can't help but compare and twilight is definitely found wanting in the balance. But admittedly New Moon is considerably better than Twilight. I can't stand the Bella/Edward element. I like her dynamic with Jacob a lot better but even then she is such an unlikeable character.

Becky Oh man... Not one King? EVER? *shakes head sadly* :( I'll hope you'll come around in the future. If I promise to read Harry Potter will you read a King?? :D

I don't know WHO would be so silly as to compare the greatness on ALL levels that is Harry Potter to this. There's no comparison. It's addictive, but that is not the same as GOOD. (Was the recommender by chance a 14 year old girl? Or Allison? LOL :P)

Natalie Felina, I'm with Becky, you need to try King. I'm not into super horror stuff, but I've read two books by him and he's amazing. On Writing is his memoir/how-to write book. I had to read it for a class and couldn't put it down. I think it's the ONE time I actually showed up to class prepared....
Misery is the other book...it's intense but not crazy horror stuff. Well, not too crazy. Well, do-able crazy. I really need to read more King...(and you too!!)

Vicki Sadly, I haven't read any King either, but I want too. So, Becky where do I start?

Oh and I laughed at the 14 year old girl comment, because I was thinking about this before. I read these books because my students were harassing me too. I can't imagine ever telling them that I didn't like them. I think I would have had riots in my classroom for sure!

Felina Becky - Oh I plan to read King. Its just one of those things I've never gotten around to. I did read The Shawshank Redemption and Hearts in Atlantis both of which I really enjoyed. I like how he writes, I thought Shawshank was really beautifully written especially the end. I guess I just say I've never read him because they were both short stories. I want to read some nitty gritty King.

And no the recommender was not a 14 year old girl but it was by someone who never reads so that should have been my first clue. I trust my never-met-before goodreads friends opinions on books before my real life friends. My real friends are nuts.

Vicki - ha ha about your students rioting. I can't tell my friends I hate these books cause they'd kill me but they do know that I don't like them. The level for which I cringe is kept to myself and the whole of goodreads.

message 11: by Chris (new)

Chris Your reviews of these books have kept me from biting the bullet myself and reading these things. I keep wondering about them--especially as I'm supposedly writing in this genre--but I just haven't been able to bring myself to it. And your reviews have put the final nail in the coffin. I'm just going to stay far, far away from these.

As for King, I'm sure you'd enjoy Cell as it has to do with zombies. Also, Carrie might be a good place to start. And though many people didn't care for it much, I quite enjoyed The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. No matter where you start with him, I think he is a much better writer than most people give him credit for--at least most of the literary types I tend to hang out with. Toodles.

Felina Good Chris. If I can keep one person away from the series I can die happy.

You remind me that I have one real life friend who has good taste in books. You've never lead me astray...except for Choke. Boo Chris Boo!

Mirian 100% agree. While it's a good concept, I also felt like I was reading someone's pre-teen fantasy diary. I think the only thing that prodded me onto read the remainder of the series AND Midnight Sun AND The Host was because I couldn't be in a social setting without the conversation turning to twilight. The only other explanation for their success might be that Stephanie Meyer is secretly a Jedi. So I read them ALL. I'll never get that time back! ***Looks remorsefully at a rather good collection of unread literature...* So now I must refrain from degrading the tastes of my "real-life" friends.

Curse the Force!

Felina Luckily I haven't read the others. I won't be tricked into it anymore.

Mirian Good choice. Ignorance is bliss.

Leslie hahahaha I love how you have this on your "shit" shelf.

Felina Leslie wrote: "hahahaha I love how you have this on your "shit" shelf."

It seemed like the right place for it.

Jackie The madness will never be over! MUAHHHHAHAHAHAA!

Donna  Happy Booker The things we do for the love of Harry.....

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