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Coeur de Lion by Ariana Reines
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Sep 17, 2009

really liked it
Read in September, 2009

A single long poem or a series of poems with no discernible boundaries, about a love affair. The book is coversational, but urgent, the words tumble over each other desperately so that suddenly you look up and you've read forty pages.

"Ariana" pines after and also kind of disdains and also kind of loathes and also kind of tenderly cares for her love object, "Jake", who has been writing emails to "Emma", a girl who is clever but simple, pretty, infinitely more manageable than the narrator, whom he calls a "pretentious gypsy jewess goth"

-- So a situation ripe for examining the poet's stormy relationship to lyric (and to the sentimental, the cloying, the cliche-- some parts of this book are, I think, center-justified?, the objectification of women by men and the objectification of men by women, the longing for lover as idea or object of attainment, the fixation with the body, the dynamic between the sensual and the scatalogical) and the shortcomings, always, of language, in which you[poet:] are mired and elevated at the same time, in some sort of broken-down contemporary courtly love story. Yes.

Notebook: a few hundred
Sentences in a tiny
Hand. It was a way to feel
Your presence by extra-
Ordinary, by subtle means. I wrote
About when you said to me
I feel like the girl, and I asked you
What you meant and you said
Attached. I wrote about
How we slapped each other
in the face, and your thumb
On my throat, your red
Mouth, and about
The flies that buzzed around us
That day we took our pants
off in the valley by the fallen
Tree. This is how it is in the
Wild, you said, and I went ha
ha, and you said, The
Flies smell our pheramones.
There was even a donkey
screaming, like Balthazar. You are
As dirty as I am, you said.

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unnarrator OMG, you have to see this. First of all you should friend her; and second of all—scroll down to the very bottom of this page, where one love-addled male has left what may be the most perfect comment ever.


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