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Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia
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Sep 18, 2009

it was amazing
bookshelves: fantasy
Read in September, 2009

I enjoyed the book.I made the mistake of going to the author's blog to find out if and when a sequel was being released... in fairness, I'm struggling to separate what I think of the author's political opinions from what I think of his storycrafting, which is quite well done. The characters are vivid and memorable, the storyline is solid, and he really knows his weaponry. I was hoping for more wargs, but nothing's perfect.
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Richard Sequel - Monster Hunter Vendetta - due out in October. Re the author's politics, I decided a while ago that if I can suspend disbelief in elves for the sake of the story, I can suspend disbelief in the 'free' market, or even the virtues of firearms.

Simeon Shite, I was going to read this book, and then I found out the author is retarded.

Is it really worth reading if, you know, it's written by a crazy person? I guess I'll find out.

For science.

David Traver Adolphus I agree completely about the political bent.

message 4: by Cyn (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cyn Had no clue what his political viewpoints were until I saw this post. I briefly visited his blog and agree with some of the things I've seen him post. Makes me like him even more now. :-D

message 5: by Maria (new) - added it

Maria Schneider Yeah, I sometimes avoid author blogs for that very reason. Can really be a turn-off. Thanks for the warning. I don't care which way the author bends, I don't want to read that stuff and the books sounds very good.

VMom I went thru a phase of not reading authors who didn't agree with me on everything politically (the nerve of them! how could they be so unenlightened!) and then I realized I was stuck reading some not very good books. So now my policy is if the politics isn't in the book, I don't care what the author thinks.

Andrew Obrigewitsch I find it better not to read anything authors say in interviews, because I have found some to have book I love but ideas in real life that I find appalling and it detracts from my enjoyment of their books.

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