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Lady Chatterley's Lover by D.H. Lawrence
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Oct 10, 2009

it was ok
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Read in October, 2009

Saw a drama on TV "The trial of Lady Chatterleys Lover" and was intrigued to read what all the fuss was about. A lot of readers will probably come to this book after this series or maybe the dishy Sean Bean in the tv drama of the 80's. Therefore to review this book I have to acknowledge that the sexual content is there for a reason - sex sells ! I did go on to look up Lawrence and was surprised to learn he was alledged to have a relationship with a farmer published many risky novels including one about pornography and obscenity. He was also impotent at the time he wrote Chatterley and was inspired after a long standing affair his wife was having. I guess he drew on alot of his own experiences and fantasies in this book, I am left wondering if John Thomas was his own pet name, I didnt know men named their c..k.

I thought his views on money, greed and mining in the 20th century very intererting when you think what was to come later. However our 21st century views on disability struggle with Lawrence as we are supposed to loathe poor Clifford. I mean he was an injured war hero after all, what happened to in sickness and in health !

A bit of a giggle, not a serious read , it was a bit tacky for me to take seriously and I dont think Lawrence intended this to be read in any other way. I found Connie very shallow with little regard for her marriage and consequently was hard to like and this is a problem for the reader. Her sexual fulfillment seemed her main priority however I was surprised that she was so submissive to Mellors, I thought given the huge risks she was taking she would take the lead. The John Thomas and Lady Jane plunged this to a lower level still for me.

If your reading for the sex hype (starts page 99) I think you will be disappointed. They seem to be there more to shock than any other real purpose. But I dont blame anyone giving the hype who would come to this book pureley to experience the sexual content.

I found Mellors is a very selfish lover, its all about him, Connies satisfaction is not a priority for some time but you do sense the urgency of their encounters. His dialect does become annoying even though he doesnt talk much and gives little away of his true feelings until the very end.

There are hints at a possible gay friendhip from his army days which provides some insight into his interest in Connies rear and her tail.

Oh and Connies Dad is a bit pervy taking way too much interest in her sexual well being which was I found uncomfortable.

A huge risk taken on the strength of a handful of romps with a man who never really reveals his feelings. Connie's yearning for a child is at the heart of this novel and it shows how these powerful feelings can be. Clifford and Mrs Bolton provided some very cringe worthy moments at the end of this novel but for me the book ended in a very undramatic and lastlustre way. I did enjoy the book, but not a great work of literature, it was something very different from other books I was reading at the time.


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