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Murder of a Smart Cookie by Denise Swanson
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Sep 15, 09

it was ok

Oh my god! I haven't even begun chapter one....the author's note put me in a tizzy already. She felt she had to EXPLAIN a timeline so the characters don't age as her readers do? Unbelievable. Ms. Swanson is apparently writing for a much younger than adult age group. Perhaps her to have been a school psychologist for 20 years has interfered with her ability to relate to adults as adults. She is not clever. She truly fantasizes that she is Skye, (as authors often do with the main character) but in the previous books, Skye is a poor example of a heroine.

Well, so far this is by far the best book of hte series. It took Ms. Swanson untilthe 7th one to begin to get the idea. But then trixie comes to Skye behaving like a deranged woman and it is just because Owen didn't put some liquid into some batter? Really? REALLY? That constiutes a divorce for sure. What kind of wierd world does Ms. Swanson hail from? Her "problems" for the characters are sugar and spice.

When Ms. Swanson starts sliding, she goes like a bobsled. Why the hell is Skye, a 33 year old woman, covering up the odor of her father, lying across the bed in his underware? What kind of childish behavior for a "highly" intelligent psychologist is that? And she was worried about hugging a teenage girl while in her robe? It is not funny. It is not even slightly amusing. It is a pure and utter ridiculous event. To mask the beer smell by wiping a dirty gas rag over her father's almost naked body? My opinion of this book has greatly decreased.

This could have been a good story but there are too many loose ends left behind and too sappy of a happy ending. Three couples making up is unreal. Skye thinks Simon is seeing someone else and she is finally allowing the attraction to Wally to be ok, but that gives everyone "something". Not real. The loose ends regarding Mrs. Griggs and Cookie, (estranged sister, invalid son, etc.) are too much. Skye loses her cottage then inherits a fortune in the same breath. Make the story real and believable.

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