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Skin Deep by Anna J. Evans
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Sep 11, 2009

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Jack and Nicky knew each other since they were kids. they were both part of the foster care system and places in an abusive home. Jack always looked out for and took care of Nicky. They came up with the plan that when Jack turned 18 he would go off and begin his career as a tattoo artist while waiting for Nicky to turn 18. then they would begin to build their life together.

on the eve of Jack's 18th birthday he and Nicky (16) got matching tattoos. a fallen angel that Jack's artist father had drew before he passed away. as they spent the night together jack had no idea that nicky was going to take off the next day. nicky knew that the man she lived with in the foster home would come after her now that jack wasnt there to protect her.

years later jack is a super successful tattoo artist who has a reality show al a Miami Ink. his trademark is angel tattoos. he cant get nicky out off his mind and every time he sees a picture of her modeling lingerie with the tat that matches his he goes a little batty.

he comes up with a genius idea to kidnap her and force her to change her tat. somehow if they aren't matching his life would be better and he would be over her. yeah i don't get it either. he finds her tending bar and dancing coyote style at a bar in LA. she comes with him willingly in the car off to a cabin he has in the mountains. once he is in the car with her he discovers she is in the D/s scene and tries to see how far he can take being her Dom. eventually after a lot of sex and back and forth relationship issues he calls a friend of his to do a background check on her to see what she is hiding. she overhears, takes off, he drags her back to the cabin kicking and screaming where he ties her down and starts to modify her tat while she is screaming for him to stop. eventually some common sense kicks in and he does. she forgives him in about 3 seconds flat and then tells him her life story. she is on the run from an abusive husband who has pretty much taken their daughter hostage threatening to kill the baby if she tries to fight anything in the divorce papers or ask for custody. jack helps her with all her legal matters and along the way decides he is no better than her ex so he has to stay far away. she follows with her baby and HEA is served right up.

i don't even know what to say about this book. they go on and on about how he kidnapped her twice. well, not really. i mean she went pretty willingly and didn't really make an effort to leave or even use her cell phone to call for help. he may have said that he would force her to come along but she hopped right on in the car and put her hand down her panties really quickly. tying her to the bed and starting to ink her while she is screaming is another matter all together. at least he realizes how monumentally wrong that is. she however does not. i am also not too sure how anyone would be willing to sit back and let their baby stay with someone so insane. ok, he threatened to kill her, but dancing on a bar hoping to get enough money for legal fees to do something about it doesn't really seem proactive to me. i'd be half way to Europe by now. jack was whiny beyond belief and nicky was slightly crazy. things that should be completely upsetting to her just weren't and things that shouldn't be treated as life or death were.

i still don't get how this man was obsessing over the tattoo on a woman he has only seen on billboards and online for years. let it go sunshine. the entire premise of using the tat as a way for him to goto her was just silly.

most of the book was just silly for that matter. i ended up just sighing and saying "now why would you go and do that?" a lot.
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