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A Darkness Forged in Fire by Chris  Evans
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Sep 10, 09

Read in September, 2009

Sloooowww. The whole time i was reading the book, I felt like there was something I was missing. Maybe it was the mention of all these strange Goddesses and Queens and past events, but whatever it was, it rendered the story unenjoyable. Its a lot of description of army life and hints at past transgressions that are supposed to explain why things are the way things are, but it really doesn't. Evans keeps flashing in between the Viceroy and the main character, but it's messy construction. He favors those one-liners at the end of the chapter, the ones that are supposed to be clever little cliffhangers. Like, "He thought things couldn't get any worse. That only lasted for a day." So it feels like he postpones all action in favor of suspense, which is super annoying. There's just too much and not enough going on in this book. The only good part was the brief moments in which the main character, Konowa, interacts with his giant wolf-like companion, Jir. Jir's pretty awesome, however can't talk and contribute to the movement of the plot, so.....Thumbs down.

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