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Dragons of the Hourglass Mage by Margaret Weis
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Sep 16, 2009

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Dragonlance was what introduced me to fantasy as an adult. I was charmed by the world and the creatures in it - especially the kender, a race unique to this setting. Over the years, I've read a lot of these novels and it is always enjoyable to enter this world. These books are a kind of comfort reads to me.

Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman are the two authors who have written the core books in this series. From the amazing Chronicles, over Legends and Dragons of Summer Flame and finally The War of Souls, they have guided many readers through this, their world. When they decided to write The Lost Chronicles, I was ecstatic. The Chronicles are my favourite books in the Dragonlance series and to get a new trilogy that goes back and fill out the gaps in those books, are just amazing. But then something happened. Something happened between the authors and the publisher and suddenly the third book was postponed or maybe even cancelled. But luckily it's here and I've been looking forward to it - especially since it unfortunately seems to be the last book from Weis & Hickman in the Dragonlance world. Fittingly, this is a book about Raistlin.

In this book, we join up with Raistlin after he used his magic to leave his friends and brother on a ship going down in the Maelstrom. He shows up on the steps to the library in Palanthas and we follow him on his road to evil. Or do we? Because even though he dons the black robes, he isn't evil through and through. We follow Raistlin on his stay in Neraka, visiting Kitiara at Dargaard Keep and figuring out whether he is a follower of Takhisis or Nuitari. And maybe most important of all, we witness his struggle with Fistandantilus, the old wizard who helped Raistlin through the test at the Tower of High Sorcery, but at a price. Some questions are answered, some gaps are filled - and maybe it's clearer than ever where Raistlin's loyalties lie.

The book had some great scenes in it - my favourite involves Flint at Godshome. But overall, it didn't really do it for me. The story was interesting - but it didn't have that same old feeling. Now I know, Raistlin has never been my favourite character and this book is about him and not really any of the other old companions but that's not it really because I loved Margaret Weis' two books about Raistlin and his brother. It just didn't have enough of the Dragonlance feeling - maybe because Weis & Hickman has spent a lot of time working on books in other worlds.

I can quite put my finger on what it was - I just didn't enjoy this book as much as the other books in this trilogy or as a lot of the other books in the setting.
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