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Night And Day by Robert B. Parker
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Sep 10, 2009

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** spoiler alert ** I'm a little conflicted on how to rate this book.

The plot is a little odd. There's the Night Hawk, a peeper-turned-home invader, and the junior high principal who looks at students' underwear. The Night Hawk plot is really just a real-world psychological excercise for Jesse to come to an understanding of his relationship with Jenn. It's a little trite in places and Parker's disdain for all intellectual types comes through in his profile of the Swingers. (Not that I'm pro swinging. I'm sure his profile is accurate -- just a little facile and snide.) He falls back on that oldest of serial-offender tropes -- the letter to the chief of police. For the most part, Parker is a better author than this, no matter how well drawn the plot is.

And don't get me wrong. As ever, the writing is taut, the dialog short and snappy. I missed having a little more physicality -- there was one tense scene at the end, but I wanted a little more of the Parker-style brawls.

The panty-peeking principal is based on a real-life incident but Parker's misogyny comes through in his too-pat explanation of why it happened. (Oooh, her husband is a philandering ass... she needs attention!) Still, his and Jesse's outrage at the violation was genuine and powerful.

And I'm thrilled that Jesse manages, at the end, to ditch the evil and soul-sucking Jenn. I've had problems enjoying this series because of Jesse's weird and unhealthy attachment to Jenn and I'm hopeful that he will move on to more Spenser-like emotional growth now that he's ditched her. I'm also hopeful that now that Sunny has taken up her place as his g.f. (maybe), that Parker will stop writing the Sunny Randall series. Parker's particular brand of misogyny/sexism works great in his tough-guy books but when he tries to write as a woman, it becomes hard to stomach.

All that said, I'm looking forward to the next Jesse book, because I really think that it's going to move strongly and freely.

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