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Undead and Unappreciated by MaryJanice Davidson
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Sep 14, 09

bookshelves: romance-paranormal
Read in September, 2009

Ok, So I am still really enjoying the comic humor of this series. The added development of Besty having a half-sister who is actually a spawn of the devil and who rebels against her demon mother by being a nice, decent church going girl is great. And there is the hint of darkness MJD added in the middle of the book where Betsy finally reads the Book of The Dead and acts out in an extremely shocking fashion (I think Jessica forgave her way too easily). All that is great. And the books still make me laugh out loud.

However this book gets knocked down a star from the previous two because here we are in book 3 and there should really be more character development. Betsy is learning a bit and growing a bit about being Queen, but the rest of the cast are still locked in a state of character stasis. We know no more about them than we did in the first book. Tina was around during the civil war, Marc is gay, Jessica is rich and Sinclair is sexy. Great. Fine. But I think the books would richer if we got some inkling of the past stories of these other characters. There is this great scene where Jessica and Marc are arguing about the 'N' word and Tina (who was around when Lincoln freed the slaves) is uncomfortable with the whole subject. Some indication about what her life was like back then would have been nice -- was she Northern? Southern? Did she own slaves? And what about Jessica? She's the richest woman in the state. But how did she get that way? How did her parents die?

Yeah, the continued adventures of the crew are still fun but since it is a crew and not just Betsy it would be nice to learn some more about them.

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