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Gossip of the Starlings by Nina de Gramont
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to be fair, this book doesnt specifically claim to be like secret history the way so many others do, but one review i read did compare it. it is in no way like secret history - oh wait - its new england and its a school setting. fair enough. it is more like a separate peace, which i have not read, but know all about thanks to greg stahl, king of all spoilers. the book is good; its not chick lit, its that range of womens fiction that is above chick lit but that doesnt quite reach the stellar range where donna tartt and zadie smith live. its like jennifer egan or pam lewis-level. its readable and fun, but didnt rock my world. its worth the time, if you are a quick reader.
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message 1: by Greg (new)

Greg I don't think I like the name kind of spoilers. How many other books have I spoiled?

karen i cant think of any, its true, but king of spoilers sounds like a title you should have, somehow...

message 3: by Greg (new)

Greg I'm going to have to live up to my title now, i'll be spoiling away..

karen dont spoil my computer textbook please!

Joshua Nomen-Mutatio I really want to read Zadie Smith soon. Also, I have a crush on her via photographs.

karen shes very very good.

message 7: by Greg (new)

Greg I'm so going to spoil the reference interview book.

karen noooooooooooo!! rooned!

message 9: by Greg (new)

Greg better watch out, you won't know when the spoiler bomb is going be deployed

karen before the midterm, i hope.

message 11: by Rachel (new)

Rachel So is it or is it not a book about secret histories?? I want to read books about secret histories--this might sound weird and all, but I need to know how that sort of book is written...and written well.

karen no, sorry, i meant it was a book that has been compared to "secret history" by donna tartt - a book that is perfect and everybody and their mother has been trying to rewrite. so many books get compared to it, i thought it deserved its own shelf. this book is not really similar to it, although it involves entangled relationships and semi-seclusion.

message 13: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Oh...Oops! My mistake!

message 14: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Hmmm, Karen, I was taught there was no such thing as an innocent narrator. You are quite the narrator. Unfortunately, that Tartt book, while very, very good, is not perfect. The ending is weak, and the male narrator sounds a bit like a woman. Attack me now, I'm ready, it's Friday after all.

However, I did love the review. Does that count?

message 15: by Stephen (new)

Stephen And what is wrong with Jennifer Egan, even if she can't end a book in a satisfying way.

karen no nothing is wrong with jennifer egan. in fact, i have only read invisible circus so i am no expert. i was just trying to describe a certain caliber of womens fiction which is more skillful than say sophie kinsella (no i havent) but not super high-lit. i dont wanna fight over donna tartt - i think secret history is wonderful - one of my favorites and one of the few books i was really angry about when i got interrupted during its reading. that syntax is fucked, but im sleepy. i do want to reread it.

message 17: by Stephen (new)

Stephen No fighting intended. I love talking about books with you. :-)

karen likewise...

message 19: by Jen (last edited Sep 11, 2009 05:21PM) (new)

Jen MyFleshSingsOut wrote: "I really want to read Zadie Smith soon. Also, I have a crush on her via photographs."

I listened to a Zadie Smith on tape. Yuck- mostly because I get frustrated at having to wait to hear what is next- reading the text is so much faster. But I learned how the English say aluminum. (ahloomineum)

karen i havent read the autograph man because greg said it was eh, but the other two i say big yes to.

karen i cant stand audios, i drift off. the only one i have is brief interviews because dfw reads it himself, and i love the way he reads.

message 22: by Jen (new)

Jen I listened to Obama's "Audacity of Hope" or whatever on tape and it was good to hear him read it, but that is the only book on tape I have ever really liked in any way.

karen yeah he came to my store and read a bit of it - i can see how that would be nice. i just have a hard time concentrating on the things i hear.

message 24: by Greg (new)

Greg Most authors read like shit. that is what I have learned working in a bookstore.

message 25: by Greg (new)

Greg It was difficult to believe that the author of White Teeth went on to write the dreadful Autograph Man.

message 26: by Joshua Nomen-Mutatio (last edited Sep 12, 2009 05:32AM) (new)

Joshua Nomen-Mutatio Greg wrote: "It was difficult to believe that the author of White Teeth went on to write the dreadful Autograph Man."

White Teeth is where I've been planning to start.

karen was it really that bad, or was it just less good than the others?

message 28: by Greg (new)

Greg It wasn't that bad. It was just blah mediocre contemporary fiction. If I hadn't read White Teeth, maybe I would have found it more enjoyable. I haven't read her other novel yet, but I have it someplace in my mess of an apartment.

karen yeah i think on beauty is as good as, if not better, than white teeth.

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