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Jan 24, 2012

it was ok
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Read in October, 2009

Time has a way of changing things. Sadly for Hush Hush, time has not been kind to my view of it. A three star review once resided here, but it was too shamed to remain posted. Having said that, I think nothing less of those who enjoy such stories, as I once was one. But I've read too many good, even great books, to suggest that someone spend their time with this never ending plot that is essentially a whole lot of non-sense.

I am most certain that the enigmatic, assholish character that is Patch would still eek out a sly smile or two from me. Yet, I can't help but notice that his deviant ways fail miserably at measuring up to my most beloved heroes. As for Nora, she is a Bella Swan clone if ever there was one, just with a smarter mouth. I can't even discuss the skanky side-kick best friend as my mind has done it's best to divest her from my memory.

Read if you can't get your mitts on anything better. But you may want to be prepared for the remorse that will plague you.
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Tatiana I wonder why this review doesn't surprise me in the least:)...

Heather I'm glad cause I didn't want to waste my money or time on a dude. I'm disturbed by how much I liked Patch, but seriously, he is drool worthy. lol

Tatiana I think I am going to skip this one. I can take bad-boyness only in small doses. Based on some reviews this Patch is borderline creepy, so I am guessing he won't appeal much to me.

Are you sure it's a stand alone? I don't believe writers any more. The moment a book is a success, sequel is in the works.

Heather It's a stand alone. I don't see anything in the works for another book and the ending is very final.

I've read the reviews where they say he is creepy, but honestly, he doesn't do anything worse than Edward does in Twilight. Less even cause he doesn't sneak into Nora's house to watch her sleep. He just follows her. I think some reviewers were a bit confused cause the things they say Patch does are actually the things that the bad guy does,not Patch.

But go ahead and skip if you want, you'll miss out on a yummy scene or two, but I don't think you'll mind :)

Annabelle The sequel is called Crescendo and it comes out next year.
Sorry to burst your bubble lol.

Though I have to agree with you Heather, Patch is delectable. Sure, he's a little creepy, but the author isn't pretending that he's not. He's meant to be a character that walks the line between good and bad; that's part of the charm.

Tatiana I told you so:)

Heather There is no information about Cresendo available yet. We know its by the same author, but there is nothing out there that says what or who it is about.

Crystal I have looked into it and if you go to the link below she talks about it. Every book turns into a sequel! I haven't read this one yet but I am probably going to hold off until this comes out.


Tatiana Here is some more

I swear, this sequel-ing just gets on my nerves! Nobody ever wants to give us any closure

message 10: by Heather (last edited Oct 26, 2009 12:03PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Heather I swear, me too cause I liked that this ended like a stand alone would! Grr, but....Patch is hot, so I wouldn't mind seeing more of him, but this can be a slipery slope. Oh what to do...

Tatiana The sequels and Twilight "interpretations" really-really bother me these days. I understand the appeal of school-girl/paranormal bad boy scenario, but where did originality go?

Tatiana Heather wrote: "I swear, me too cause I liked that this ended like a stand alone would! Grr, but....Patch is hot, so I wouldn't mind seeing more of him, but this can be a slipery slope. Oh what to do..."

I know what you are going to do. Put "Crescendo" on your TBR and get it as soon as it's out. Hopefully the next cover is as good as this one:)

Crystal I can't even remember the last time I read a stand alone book. I just saw that Intertwined has a sequel also.

Tatiana Are you reading "Intertwined" Crystal? I was going to, but I saw the reviews were mixed. Too much is going on in that book, people say.

Heather Well, I compared it to Twilight cause the main characters are a human girl and an immortal boy who supposedly meet in a biology class, hello Twilight right? But, it feels different. The characters are different, the pacing is different, etc. Nora isn't obsessively stalking Patch like Bella did with Edward. Her every thought isn't about Patch, and unlike Bella, Nora has a best friend not of the male species. IDK, there are similarites, but its different enough to seem different.

Crystal Tatiana wrote: "Are you reading "Intertwined" Crystal? I was going to, but I saw the reviews were mixed. Too much is going on in that book, people say. "

I am going to eventually but since it is a series I'm going to hold off for awhile.

message 17: by Tatiana (last edited Oct 26, 2009 12:34PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Tatiana Biology class again? Seriously? Maybe we've missed a memo that all hot bad boys are supposed to attend biology these day?

Tatiana IDK Heather, from your description I got a feel that this book is just like Shiver - a Twilight rip-off, only with a bad-boy and not a sweet guy.

Heather Well, I do remember a hawt guy being in both my bio and bio 2 class. His name was Chance and I have no idea how I ever got anything done in either of those classes. I can remember his name but I can't remember the names of either of my teachers, lol.

Tatiana I guess it expleins it. There is some kind of secret biology memo:)

Heather Hmm, maybe I should re-write the review. It's nothing like either to be honest. I had such a hard time reviewing this book because it is really hard to classify it. I would say it's about fallen angels but it's not, it's about one fallen angel. There are steamy moments, but they don't make you want to gag the way Shiver did. The entire book isn't made up of only moment's between Patch and Nora either the way Twilight and Shiver was. There was a plot.

Annabelle Tatiana wrote: "Biology class again? Seriously? Maybe we've missed a memo that all hot bad boys are supposed to attend bilogy these day? "
lol I said basically the same thing in one of my updates while I was reading this book.

I also think that while it's obvious Twilight has inspired a lot of paranormal-boy/human-girl stories lately, in my opinion both Shiver and Hush, Hush had enough originality and style of their own to set them apart.

Tatiana There was a plot? Well, that is original:) Although in your review you said you really didn't care for the plot, but Patch was delic...

message 24: by Heather (last edited Oct 26, 2009 12:44PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Heather Okay, basically at the start, we meet Patch, but we don't know it's Patch, and he is forcing someone to swear fealty to him. It's 1565 I think. Flash forward to present day, we meet Nora and her best friend Vee, they are in bio class together and the teacher comes in an makes them switch seats. So now Nora is next to Patch, who is a new transfer student. Everyone's assignment is to get to know their new lab partner, but soon Nora realizes that Patch knows way more about her than he should be able to guess and though he is smiling at her and taunting her, even flirting with her, he isn't sharing any info about himself. She is freaked out, but more so annoyed and miffed. He leaves class without answering any of her questions so she is left to track him down. Flirtation ensuses. But while she likes Patch, he seems to be everywhere she is, and worse, someone is messing with her head, attacking her and then fleeing. She is left to assume it is Patch, but is it? So she is scared of Patch, but when she is around him,she feels like she can trust him.

Patch is hardly nice, and he doesn't pretend to be, but he is very attractive in a I'm bad but honest about it kind of way. Patch and Nora's fate are very much interlaced, but you don't find out how or why until the end. The story is her trying to find out who is taunting her and trying to kill her and while she does that, we uncover more about Patch and realize just how much their fates are linked.

Tatiana I suppose, "Shiver" had a style of it's own, but I found it extremely reminiscent of Twilight, just less compelling. Haven't read "Hush, Hush," so can't really say anything about it, I just going by the reviews I read about it. And most of them again remind of Twilight, just with a fallen angel instead of a vamp.

Tatiana "but he is very attractive in a I'm bad but honest about it kind of way" - Love it:)

Heather When I say I didn't read for the plot what I meant was, it was very obvious to me as a reader that Patch wasn't the bad guy and while I didn't know about Patch's past and how it related to Nora, I never feared him cause I knew that the person attacking Nora wasn't Patch, I just didn't know what Patch's deal was. I was surprised about why the person was attacking Nora and I was equally surprised to learn of Nora's importance to Patch.

Heather Unlike Twilight and Shiver, Patch doesn't come into Nora's life cause he likes the way she smells, though I'm not entirely sure why he chose her. I suppose that will be learned in the next book.

Tatiana Ok, don't tell me then how it ends. Who knows, I might be in a mood for some bad a$$ in future

Annabelle Nora does have a certain Bella-ness to her, I will give you that.
But while Twilight was mostly full-on romance, this story focuses a lot more on the mystery. Complete with thrilling scenes and satisfying twists. Plus, Patch isn't very Edward-like.

Heather You know I like em bad, lol.

Patch, how to describe Patch. He is good looking and intelligent. Snyd but in a flirtacious way. He doesn't play by the rules, he does what he wants. He gambles and drives a motor cycle. He will look you up and down and undress you with his eyes but he only does that to the people he wants, not every female is privy to such a look. He goes after what he wants and will do anything to get it. He's hot, what can I say. Here's a quote...

"“You smell good, too,” said Patch

“It’s called a shower.” I was staring straight ahead. When he didn’t answer, I turned sideways. “Soap. Shampoo. Hot water.”

“Naked. I know the drill.”

See, that's steamy... :)

Tatiana You know, if someone I am doubtful of tells me something like this, I'll think he is a perv:)

Based on this quote though, I have to agree with Annabelle isn't really like Edward. Edward was too respectful and conservative to say anything like this.

Heather See, that's what I was trying to tell you. He is nothing like Edward, he kind of reminds me of Jace, but Jace was nice and loving and Patch isn't.

And can you honestly say that if you had the hots for a guy and deep down you trusted him and didn't doubt him and he said something like that to you, your tummy wouldn't flip just a little. It's so wrong to say something like that, it's hot, lol.

Tatiana And maybe he in fact likes/loves her because she smells good?:)

Heather LOL, um no. Maybe he loves her for her legs though, he mentions those a few times and her hair.

Tatiana Oh, those are much more valid reasons to fall in love, I hear you:o)

Heather Oh, I have no idea why he is in love with her, but he is hot and I think he is made of yum, so he can lock himself up with me in the women's bathroom anytime! :)

Tatiana You are full of red bottomosity, that's all I am saying:)

Heather This is true, lol.

Annabelle Heather wrote: "Oh, I have no idea why he is in love with her, but he is hot and I think he is made of yum, so he can lock himself up with me in the women's bathroom anytime! :)"
I pretty much agree with this entire comment. Also with the opinion that Patch is a less-nice version of Jace.
I am basically with you completely on the whole weakness for bad-boys thing in general Heather.

Tatiana Well, it seems like you two are soul mates. Annabelle, Heather will like any book which has a bad boy in it:)

Annabelle Yes, I am very familiar with this problem.

Heather That's right and I am not afraid to admit it! I lURVE em Bad. Maybe I would have liked Shiver if Sam were bad, who knows.

Tatiana I am pretty sure you would. I thought the lyrics and sleeping in her bed would do it for you, but this main component slipped my mind:)

message 45: by Heather (last edited Oct 26, 2009 01:52PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Heather Well, if he had been bad, all the crummy things about Sam would have been resolved. For instance, no "bad guy with a heart of gold" would call himself a leaky womb or hold out in the lurve department if you know what I mean. And no bad boy with a heart of gold would write non-sensical song lyrics that leave you pondering"WTF". So I do think that Shiver would have been good if Sam had been bad :)

Tatiana LOL:)

Tatiana No more love for Patch? I see you have really changed, mon amie:)

Heather What can I say? I appear to have grown as a reader :)

message 49: by [deleted user] (new)

I agree, I saw potential on this book and in these characters on the beginning but everything just ended up falling apart in a too much predictable ending

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