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Beyond the Highland Mist by Karen Marie Moning
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4.5/5 stars. I think that my enjoyment of this novel largely stemmed from two things:

1) I read Karen Marie Moning's urban fantasy FEVER series first. It's one of my favorite series, and I think that seeing the potential for cross-over in this series brought lots of enjoyment to my reading of this book.

2) I listened to the audiobook. The narrator has a sexy male voice and was able to do so many different accents in very nice ways ;) This is the same audiobook narrator who does Jerricho Barrons from book 4 in the FEVER series. I love audiobooks for Scottish brogue. Very nice!

Other things from my reading that stood out:

- I found the nursery scene with Hawk and his bloody hands was very emotional. I almost cried :(

- The scroll reading made me laugh out loud. Hawk turned into an attorney. hehehehehehhe

- I was a little annoyed in the beginning half of the novel with all the playing-hard-to-get bits. Still, I enjoyed the story and saw how it was necessary to the overall plotline in the end.

- For some reason, the sex scenes were a big mixed bag. They would be hot-as-sin in some momments, and then purple-prose the next. Then again, with the narrator's voice on the audiobook, it was hard for the scenes to go too far amiss *grin*
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Laura the Highland Hussy Have you read KMM before? her highlanders are HOT

FlibBityFLooB Nope, I haven't read her yet. I figure this will be a good book -- for some reason the audiobook seemed too difficult to concentrate on while I worked. So, I am going to put it aside for a while and come back to it when I can give it my undivided attention :)

Laura the Highland Hussy I think that this is one of my fave series so far. It has the cross-over into the Fever series, and it's really good.

Shay which book no. is the cross-over into the Fever series???

Laura the Highland Hussy Begins with Kiss of the highlander. You'll meet the mackeltar clan

Laura the Highland Hussy Sorry, my phone lost service-I meant to finish up with the fact that at the end, we meet the MacKeltar kids, and Christian (who has a role in the Fever series) is introduced as the current line of MacKeltar. The original ones are who the books are about (Drustan, Daegus, and Cian-some of the hottest men on the planet!) and you'll meet Adam Black in Immortal Highlander, and in his book you learn a lot about the Fae Queen Abheal who is missing throughout the Fever series, and in the novella Into the Dreaming, the Seelie queen and the Unseelie king have a relationship-also important in the Fever series.

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