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The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
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This was an amazing book.

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Beth Dear Joanna,

I finally bought this book upon your recommendation - as I believed I mentioned to you recently, I have seen it many times when looking for a book in airports, and always passed it up b/c I thought the premise sounded corny. Didn't we use to really silly romances in high school where the heroine was transported to another era and falls in love? That is what I expected. So I bought it for my trip to DC, even though I didn't have high expectations. I ended up sitting in the DC airport for 5 hours waiting for a flight (the grant panel ended early) and for once in my life I felt transported from the airport - I hate airports and can never concentrate, and I was so involved in the novel I forgot where I was. I can't tell you how many times I have read the opening scene where Claire finds Henry in the library - it brings tears to my eyes. It was absolutely amazing. I loved the book, and immediately began re-reading it, to better understand bits that happened out of sequence. My only complaint was Henry's 'accident' due to chicago weather - do you think that was really necessary?

well, this was such a great rec I'll be sure to base my next purchase on your recs!!

thanks!!!!! Beth

Joanna It's an amazing book, isn't it? I re read almost immediately upon finishing too because I wanted to enjoy seeing how it really all fit together. It seemed like it could have been such a trick, but it really holds up. And for such a complex structure, the emotion is so deeply felt. Incredible.

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