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The Evolution of God by Robert Wright
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Sep 05, 2009

it was amazing
Read in August, 2009

This was a fascinating book albeit from a materialist viewpoint of religion. I was reading at the same time a article in BYU Studies about Open Theology and there were very interesting parallels between the article and the book. One of the best insights was about the biblical traces of Israelite polytheism including the Mother in Heaven Asherah and the close relation between Elohim and Allah. The history of the rise of Islam and discussion of the Koran was very interesting since I have recently traveled to the middle east and have been reading the Koran. I have long felt that religions is evolving to a higher level until the forces of evil will be completely vanquished in the millenium which is not that different than the materialist view of the evolution of ethics and religion. The most intriguing and interesting part for me was the discussion of the scientific worldview of the greeks that resulted in the abstraction of God, which is at the heart of the apostasy and now finally the open theology of the Evangicals is realizing that the anthropmorphic God of the bible is much more satisfying and real than the abstract spirit God of the Greeks, Catholics and most Protestants. This all relates to reconciling the Greek scientific worldview with the religion which is grappling with the very apparent absence of God from the material world as observed by the scientist. The secret to reconciling the absence of God from the universe as observed by the senses and the presence of God as observed by the religious is for me the principle that God is not bound by the dimension of time. It makes sense to me that God is outside the Universe and that the biblical veil is naturally beyond piercing by our physical senses, but God can be present and visions can be seen and our perceptions of these present religious experiences may be something that God built into the universe before the big bang but that we perceive in the dimension of time as a present religious experience.

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